Senate Democrats

Green New Deal Would Cost Households in 5 States $70K+ in First Year

The CEI and Power the Future analysis shows that, if implemented, the Green New Deal would cost for American households at least tens of thousands of dollars annually on a permanent basis. Perhaps that’s why exactly zero Senate Democrats, including the resolution’s 12 co-sponsors, voted for the Green New Deal when they had the chance.

Where is Brett Kavanaugh’s apology?

Katie Pavlich, The Hill

Democratic  Sens. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), Cory Booker (N.J.), Kamala Harris (Calif.), Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.) and others entered the false claims into the Congressional Record. They berated Kavanaugh in front of the country as a liar and a sexual predator. Upon his confirmation, they vowed to impeach him should Democrats ever regain control of the Senate. Based on what we know now, it’s clearer than ever Democrats owe Kavanaugh, his family and the country an apology for the smears they proliferated. It’s just too bad one will never come.

How A Pathetic Republican Party Is Allowing ‘The Resistance’ To Run The Score — And The Government

Christopher Bedford, Daily Caller

It’s true, Mitch McConnell doesn’t have a 60-vote majority in the Senate. It’s true that this Senate has twice as many people over 80 than it’s ever had, and its members’ age and health have made it more difficult to vote more than a few times. But it’s also true that Mitch McConnell has the power to make “the resistance” do their jobs, instead of spending their days in the field campaigning, safe in the knowledge that Obama’s men are still hard at work in this new government of theirs.

Senate Democrats cave on Trump's judges after GOP threatens weekend work

Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner

Republicans believe their threat to change the rules is something that has Democrats thinking twice about dragging out the debate any longer. Democrats can't block any of Trump's nominees, as long as Republicans are united, thanks to a rule change Democrats imposed in 2013 that allows confirmations with just 51 votes, instead of 60.

Any reason for nerves in Gorsuch vote today?

The good news is it looks like Republicans are finally ready to show some backbone and call the Democrats’ bluff on the filibuster. If going “nuclear” means honoring truth, respectability and the Founding Fathers’ original conception of how the system should function we should have done it long ago.

Against the Democrats Jeff Sessions Will Prevail

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., The American Spectator

African-Americans deserve to know that Jeff Sessions is their friend and the friend of all law-abiding Americans. The Democrats who are preparing these false charges think they have to do it to keep Americans divided, blacks against whites. Fortunately, the prevailing winds are against them. It all started with Jeff Sessions. Let it end with Jeff Sessions. Now. Once and for all.

McConnell Finds His Go-To Dems

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

Senate R's are reaching out to about 9 Dems they see as crucial swing votes in the new Congress. With his 54-seat majority, Senate Maj. Leader Mitch McConnell is 6 votes short of overcoming Dem. filibusters, making bipartisan support a necessity for getting most legislation to Obama’s desk.

Poll Suggests Dems Missing the Mark w/ Swing Voters

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

A new political advocacy group has teamed up with former Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) to argue that the economic inequality agenda of Senate Democrats is a loser with swing voters.

GOP Powerhouse AFP Steps Up Attack on Vulnerable Dems

Matea Gold, Washington Post

With early attacks against Senate Dems, Americans for Prosperity emerges as the Right's most powerful ally. Currently AFP has launched ad campaigns against five vulnerable Senate Dems., and some House Dems, including Rep. Nick Rahall (W.Va.).

OCare Backlash Coming for Dems

John Nolte, Breitbart

Recent polling shows that an election wave of anti-ObamaCare sentiment is growing, and it's not only likely to hand the GOP control of the Senate, but might wipe out as many as 12 Dem. seats--many of which looked safe 2 months ago.

More Dem Senate Seats Up in 2014

Elliot Smilowitz, Washington Examiner

Nine Dem. Senate seats are up for grabs in 2014 (MI, IA, NC, AK, MT, WV, SD, LA, AR), compared to only two Repub. seats (GA, KY).
Infographic: Key races in 2014 Senate elections

Key Races in 2014 Senate Elections

Dem Senate Rejects 4th Shutdown Bid

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

Senate Dems on Tues. voted (54-46) to refuse to enter into official negotiations with the House on a spending bill, saying there can be no talks until the GOP agrees to end the shutdown. The issue's back with House R's, who've seen the Senate kill 4 proposals to end the shutdown.