Rumors Are Floating Around About A Michelle Obama Senatorial Run

Brandon Morse, RedState

In 1996, when asked if she would run for office, Clinton responded "Not in this lifetime." Now she could be our next president after being a New York senator, and being appointed Secretary of State. Never say never, Michelle.

GOP confidence in Senate majority builds

Reid Wilson, The Hill

The nature of the Senate map, in which Republicans are defending more than twice as many seats as Democrats, always meant the GOP would be playing defense this year. But the Trump-led disaster that Republicans once feared has yet to develop, which has party strategists in high spirits.

Democrats Make Climate Change a Signature of Their Convention: Voters Yawn

Our friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute just released an analysis of the Republican and Democratic Party platforms on energy and climate issues. The analysis shows there is a stark difference between the two Parties, a difference that shows Democrats are strangely out of synch with public opinion on this issue.

The Chamber Of Failure Never Fails To Accomplish Nothing

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

After grandstanding and shouts of “do something!” the Senate had four gun control options on which to vote Monday night. None of them passed. Absolutely nothing was accomplished. As per usual, the Senate is back to square zero. The good news: At least the Democrats didn’t get their way.

Marco Rubio leaning toward Senate bid

David M. Drucker, Washington Examiner

Perhaps telling, it's GOP operatives in Florida who are most convinced that Rubio is going to run. Rubio's team has been organizing and preparing to launch a 2016 Senate campaign for weeks, one veteran Florida Republican strategist said.

Cruz looks to ease bad blood with GOP establishment

Katie Glueck and Burgess Everett, Politico

The first step to improving his rancorous relationships, the Texas senator’s allies say, will be to help them keep their Senate seats. The freshman senator wants to return to the campaign trail this fall as a conservative surrogate for Republicans aiming to turn out the GOP base, they say.

Will Ted Cruz learn the right lessons?

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

The establishment knows they cannot wait out an unbroken Ted Cruz who inspires more Ted Cruz’s. That is the lesson Cruz must take. If he breaks, he will truly have lost. He should note that every attack made on the campaign trail to undermine him involved those times he tried to work with his own party’s leadership. Ted Cruz should stand defiant and he should take up Jim DeMint’s mantel and actively recruit for the Senate.

FedUp PAC Poll: Conservatives Want to See One of Their Own in Senate Leadership

Only 2 percent of those polled were satisfied with today's Senate Republican leadership, while 93 percent think a housecleaning is needed and the entire Senate GOP leadership should be replaced by conservatives.

I Endorse Dr. John Fleming for Senate in Louisiana

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
I have every confidence Dr. John Fleming will maintain the same steadfast commitment to conservative principles he displayed in the House if he is elected to the Senate. I urge my friends and family in Louisiana to vote for John Fleming to ensure that a reliable full-spectrum conservative serves as Louisiana’s next United States Senator.

Cruz leading the charge to kill congressional lame duck

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

Ted Cruz is leading a conservative effort to end any chance of a lame-duck congressional session at the end of the year. Cruz and right-leaning groups see huge dangers in having a session after the November elections, which they think could be used to move legislation backed by President Obama or even to confirm his Supreme Court nominee.

Ted Cruz Protests Iran Deal, Blocks State Dept Nominees for Third Time in Week

Michelle Fields, Breitbart

For the third time in a week, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz blocked the Senate on Monday from confirming State Department nominees,  in protest of the nuclear deal that the Obama administration struck with Iran in 2015. Cruz, who is campaigning in New Hampshire, had Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell object on his behalf.

The Machiavellian Brilliance of Ted Cruz

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

Throughout the course of Ted Cruz’s brief Senate career, he made a name for himself primarily by mounting losing campaigns. In so doing, he built up an enormous cache of goodwill with a growing bloc of disaffected Republican voters. Now, to the consternation of the many enemies he made along the way, Ted Cruz is cashing in that goodwill during the course of running the most ruthlessly effective Presidential campaign we have seen in at least a generation.

The Senate Must Reassert Its Place in the Constitutional Structure

Sen. Ben Sasse, National Review

This week, Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska, after having waited the traditional full year before delivering his maiden floor speech — a practice now largely abandoned — rose to address his colleagues in the Senate. These are his remarks, well worth the read if you didn’t hear them first-hand.

Help CHQ and Sen. Jeff Sessions Stop TPP and Preserve American Sovereignty

We urge you to call Congress TODAY; the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044, tell them Senator Jeff Sessions is right, TPP must be taken off Fast-Track and handled according to regular order so the working men and women of American won’t be forgotten again. Click here to sign our petition to support Senator Sessions and protect American sovereignty and jobs.

Virginia voters reject the gun grabbers as GOP retains Senate

Neil Stevens, RedState

In the 10th District, Republican Glen Sturtevant won 50-47 over Democrat Dan Gecker. Everytown was all-in for Gecker, and they dragged around the parents of a murder victim as props to support that effort. But they failed. Our civil liberties enshrined in the Bill of Rights prevailed, hindering the efforts of Bloomberg, McAuliffe, and the Democrats to attack our right to keep and bear arms.

Ted Cruz: Repealing Obamacare Isn't Complicated

Ted Cruz is right, and he has proven once again that he is the one guy on Capitol Hill conservatives can trust to always keep his word. Passing a full repeal of Obamacare and sending the bill to the President’s desk as Republicans promised during the 2014 midterm election isn’t complicated. All it takes is a credible argument and a spine, both of which are in short supply in the establishment Republican "leadership."

Establishment Republicans Walking Away From Full Obamacare Repeal

A one sentence repeal of Obamacare through the budget reconciliation bill should be an easy call for Republicans. They have the majority, they can ignore the recommendation of the Senate Parliamentarian if it goes against them, let the Senate vote on a favorable interpretation of the rules and forge forward – but that requires a credible argument and a spine, both of which are in short supply among establishment Republican “leaders” in Congress.

Mitch McConnell Calls for the Destruction of the Republican Party

A two year deal that effectively takes spending off the table as an issue in the 2016 presidential campaign would be a disaster for Republicans because they would once again be complicit in the Obama-led tsunami of spending, deficits and debt that are wrecking the American economy.

Senator Ted Cruz: The Real Story of What Is Happening in Washington

After establishment Republican leaders and Democrats refused to allow Ted Cruz the courtesy of a roll-call vote on his motion to end taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and the Iranian nuclear deal Cruz delivered a powerful speech on the Senate floor highlighting the many examples of Republican leadership surrendering to President Obama’s demands, and reminding the Republican Party’s Capitol Hill leadership to keep their promises to the American people.

Rand Paul vows to foot bill for switch to caucus in Kentucky

Manu Raju, Politico

Rand Paul, trying to head off a rebellion back home, promised Monday to fully pay for changes to his state’s presidential nominating process that would allow him to seek two different offices in 2016.