Senator Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz: No Bailouts For Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle

The toll-free Capitol switchboard is (1-866-220-0044). We urge CHQ readers and friends to call Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Whip John Thune to tell them you support Senator Cruz’s proposed legislation to make local governments liable to private property owners if officials deliberately withhold police protection.

USA Wins A Battle In The Soft War With China

You may have to go to the business or tech pages to find out about it, but the news that Google has apparently withdrawn from its cooperation with Huawei is a huge win for the national security of the United States and other nations that are unwilling to place themselves under the yoke of Red China’s dystopian social credit system for ordering human affairs.

The Truth About Tariffs And Red China

Donald Trump is the first President to recognize we are in a war with the Red Chinese, and the battlefield he has chosen is one that is favorable to us. We believe conservatives should support the President’s tariffs because they are among the cheapest and most effective weapons we have to win the war Red China has declared on us.

Democrats Want To Repeal The First And Second Amendments

Retired Supreme Court Associate Justice John Paul Stevens, a liberal appointed by establishment Republican President Gerald R. Ford, yesterday penned an op-ed in the New York Times calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment and the idea is embraced by the same progressives that just a few years ago wanted to change the First Amendment to limit free speech.

Should Donald Trump Appoint Ted Cruz Attorney General?

The idea that President-elect Trump would invite Ted Cruz into his administration to help solidify the conservative – populist coalition that elected him, while bringing one of America’s brightest conservative thinkers and best legal minds into his Cabinet makes perfect sense, but will Ted Cruz take the appointment if it is offered?


Please tell us what you think: Should Donald Trump appoint Ted Cruz as his Attorney General?

Yes, Donald Trump would benefit by having Ted Cruz as his Attorney General.
78% (67 votes)
No, Ted Cruz should stay in the Senate.
22% (19 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total voters: 86

Getting Cruz Quotes Right

Jeffrey Lord, Conservative Review

The implication here is that Senator Cruz “blew up DC, divided GOP, led to partial shutdown” and that Cruz knew from the get-go he was pursuing a phony goal is a distortion intended to smear Cruz.

Letter Thanking Senator Ted Cruz For Telling The Truth About How To Defeat Radical Islam.

YES, please add my name to the list of millions of Americans who want to protect our constitutional liberties and defeat Radical Islam before it destroys our country.

Letter To Senator Ted Cruz: Thank You For Telling The Truth About How To Defeat Radical Islam

The Honorable Ted Cruz
185 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Will The New Republican Majority End Obama’s “Catch and Release” Of Illegal Aliens?

In 2013, under Obama's "catch and release" policy, 36,007 criminally convicted aliens were released by U.S. immigration officials, and in just one year 1,000 of them have since been convicted of a number of crimes, including but not limited to rape, assault with a deadly weapon, terroristic threats and lewd acts with a child under 14. Senators Chuck Grassley, Jim Inhofe, Jeff Sessions, David Vitter and Ted Cruz have introduced the “Keep Our Communities Safe Act" to put an end to this dangerous Obama policy. 

GOP Should Not Confirm An Attorney General Worse Than Eric Holder

It is time that Republicans exercised the power of their new majority and stood for SOMETHING, and standing for the Constitution and the principle of the equal and uniform application of the law by defeating the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General would be a good place to start.

Ted Cruz: Amnesty a Dispute Between President Obama and the American People

Senator Ted Cruz, in an op-ed in Politico, made the case that the dispute over executive amnesty is not between President Obama and Republicans in Congress; it is a dispute between President Obama and the American People, and in such disputes the power of We the People must be paramount. SIGN and SHARE OUR PETITION TO STOP OBAMA'S EXECUTIVE AMNESTY!

Cruz Leading: Calls for Ebola Travel Ban. Where’s Rest of GOP?

RED ALERT: CNN reports a second health care worker at the Dallas hospital where Ebola carrying alien was treated now tests positive for the deadly virus. The Republican Party leadership’s inexplicable refusal to recognize and embrace the common sense concept that border security is national security, especially in the face of the deadly Ebola and Enterovirus 68 epidemics, shows that new leadership in the GOP is necessary and that Ted Cruz is one of the few people on the national scene capable of providing it. Click here to sign our petition urging Ted Cruz to lead the GOP to victory by nationalizing the 2014 election.

Cruz Asks FAA Tough Questions on Ebola: MSM Goes Nuts

Ted Cruz has been right to ask tough questions about the Obama administration's response to the first case of the deadly Ebola virus to arrive in America. It has been our experience that when Congress lays down on the job of asking tough questions, providing oversight and otherwise fails to hold the executive branch to account, bad things inevitably happen -- like more cases of Ebola arriving in America. Please sign our petition urging Senator Ted Cruz to take the lead in nationalizing the 2014 midterm election.

House Leadership Planning Bait & Switch On Border Bill

Far from listening to and acting on conservative concerns about their border package, what we’re hearing is a plan by the House GOP leadership to continue to browbeat reluctant Members, or if necessary just plain lie, to get the votes for their original bill. UPDATED: In unprecedented win for grassroots, late Friday the House passed conservative border bills.

Cruz Grills FBI Director Over IRS Targeting Scandal: Director Ducks

Yesterday, our friend U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, really grilled FBI Director James Comey about the FBI's failure to vigorously investigate the IRS targeting of conservatives. Watch the video at the end of the article and please sign our letter of support to Senator Cruz; it's time to abolish the IRS.