Confirmed Again: Paul Ryan not running for Speaker

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

To unite the party behind a consensus candidate who doesn’t divide the GOP conference, it looks like Ryan is going to end up deciding to hold strong against the establishment forces pushing him into a Speakership bid.

Establishment stands by as Conservatives pummel Ryan

Anna Palmer, Politico

No wonder Paul Ryan doesn’t want to run as his establishment pals in Congress stand idly by as he takes a beating from conservatives who rightly so question his ability to lead on the issues most concerning to the conservative base. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Ryan faces sharp criticism from conservatives

Philip Wegmann, The Daily Signal

Establishment endorsements have fueled conservatives’ fears. Departing Speaker John Boehner and remaining Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy have both reportedly called on Ryan to take the job. Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus have also reportedly lobbied Ryan to take the position.

Rebellion in the House: It’s about Democracy

Betsy McCaughey, American Spectator

While Washington insiders are bemoaning the disorder in the House, the public should be cheering. Their demands to be heard are getting results, thanks to the brave upstarts in the House. The GOP leadership better pay attention, or disillusioned GOP voters will stay home at the next election.

Schlafly: Kingmakers Forcing Unacceptable Candidate Ryan Into Speakership

Eagle Forum

“This is not about personality, it’s about principle. The grassroots want a Speaker who will lead a coalition government, where their voices are truly represented. Paul Ryan would continue the top-down approach to government and the culture of retribution for dissenting voices. Republicans should find a Speaker who is committed to conservative principles and who will stand up and fight to return power to the people.”

Hannity: Paul Ryan shouldn’t run for Speaker

Eliza Collins, Politico

Hannity told USA Today he was encouraging the House Freedom Caucus — which he credits with changing the Republican Party in a bold way — not to compromise on the speaker vote. Many in the roughly 40-member group of conservatives have said they are supporting Florida Rep. Daniel Webster for the job instead.

White House would like Paul Ryan for Speaker

Charlie Spiering, Breitbart

At least according to Politico’s Mike Allen. “The White House would like that idea,” Allen said during an interview with Laura Ingraham on her radio show today. “Because they would like one more win … what they’ve always told me is that they admire Paul Ryan for being a substantive, smart guy.” Like John Boehner, Ryan’s also willing to cave to Obama, hence the admiration.

Don’t draft anyone for anything

Leon Wolf, RedState

What bothers me most about Ryan is the sense that he is being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the position. I don’t know how much of that is genuine and how much of it is public posturing. If it is the former, then having Ryan in the position would be a disaster, and the people who are begging him to run should bug off.

Don’t take your guns to town, Paul

Pat Buchanan, CNS News

Ryan's popularity and pleasant persona are not going to be able to smooth over divisions in the Republican caucus. For they are about ideology, and about issues such as free trade and amnesty for people here illegally, where Ryan stands squarely with the establishment and against the revolt.

If favorites fall, watch these dark-horse candidates for Speaker

John Fund, National Review

The more time that elapses from Kevin McCarthy’s bombshell departure from the speaker’s race, the more it looks as if GOP members are coming to realize that no savior or simple solution will heal their internal divisions. That’s why more and more of them are starting to look at members such as Blackburn and Roskam, who both want the job and are likely to have the skills to carry it off.

Of Course Paul Ryan Would Push Amnesty Through Congress, But There’s More…

Along with Paul Ryan’s personal qualities and capabilities comes an unfortunate willingness to destroy the quality of life for millions of American families by advancing the unlimited immigration policies advocated by the establishment Republican Party’s corporate paymasters.

The Magic Number Is 218

The reality is that there are a lot more than 40 to 50 House Republicans who want to do the right thing – the majority of House Republicans have simply been bamboozled and intimidated into believing that conservatives are a minority, when in fact we are the majority. That's why grassroots principled limited government constitutional conservatives must call their Representative and demand they oppose the election of another establishment Speaker, like Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, and vote for a conservative, like Rep. Daniel Webster of Florida, for Speaker. The House switchboard is 1-866-220-0044 - call now!

Rep. Charles Dent: A RINO in Search of a Primary Opponent

"Republican" Rep. Charles Dent (PA-15) made clear in an interview with CNN he doesn’t want a Republican-controlled Congress – he wants a bipartisan governing majority that will keep spending, and maintain its power by engaging in lies and show votes. It is time conservatives ran a real Republican against Charles Dent, one who will fight for conservative principles, such as reining in the spending, deficit and debt that are destroying our economy, and most importantly, committing to vote for a Republican for Speaker.

Can House conservatives be leaders, not rebels?

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

Some Republicans, including fairly conservative ones, are skeptical the House can be run in the looser fashion reformers appear to want. Others wonder if the folks at home will be happy with process-based reforms if they don't yield consistently conservative results.

Gingrich 'Can't Quite Imagine' Returning as Speaker

Susan Jones, CNS News

Gingrich said the fact that three of the leading Republican presidential candidates "are all outsiders" is something for both House Republicans and Senate Republicans to consider:  "You can see where the country is saying, 'You guys got to change what you're doing.'"

Seven Republicans who could be Speaker

Christina Marcos, The Hill

Once the dust settles, here are seven Republicans who could emerge as Speaker: Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.); Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio); Rep. Daniel Webster (Fla.); Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Utah); Lynn Westmoreland (Ga.); Rep. Tom Price (Ga.); John Boehner (Ohio).

Conservatives: Don’t Get Suckered Into Backing A “Compromise” Speaker Who Is Boehner-Lite

We strongly urge conservatives to stand fast behind principled limited government constitutional conservative Daniel Webster of Florida, and not allow themselves to be suckered into backing a “compromise” candidate for Speaker. Conservatives who fold and back a “compromise” Speaker will own the results of that Speaker’s policies. And this is particularly true of Paul Ryan, who is as bad or worse than John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy.

Freedom Caucus Endorses Webster for Speaker

Scott Wong and Christina Marcos, The Hill

The conservative House Freedom Caucus on Wednesday endorsed Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla.) for Speaker  — a bold move that raises serious doubts about whether Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy can cobble together the 218 votes on the House floor he needs to be promoted.

Rep. Walter Jones’ Letter & Rumors Of Scandal Blow GOP Speaker’s Race Wide Open

A letter from Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina to the House GOP admonishing Members seeking leadership positions to withdraw if there were any skeletons in their closet and "to drop out if they might one day embarrass the party because of past indiscretions" hit like a bombshell in the House Republican Conference.

Phyllis Schlafly Asks The Right Question: Rep. Jason Chaffetz Gives The Wrong Answer

In our latest coverage of the House Republican leadership races we contrast the word salad Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz dumped on Chris Wallace’s desk during Fox News Sunday with the straightforward commitment made by Rep. Daniel Webster of Florida to eliminate the dysfunctional anti-conservative process House establishment Republicans have used to thwart the conservative agenda.