Spending Bill

Swamp creatures stir to life as big spending sparks bipartisanship

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Any time you hear Washington talk about bipartisan agreement, America, grab your wallet and run! Once again, lawmakers in Washington have finally cut through all the thorny brambles of partisanship and discovered (yet agian! yippie!) something they can all agree upon: spending scads and scads more of other people’s money that we don’t even have!

Boehner's Budget Deal Funds OCare, Amnesty

Matthew Burke, Tea Party News Network

House R's, led by Boehner, have compromised w/ Dems in agreeing on a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. Boehner wants a full House vote on it by Thurs., which breaks his pledge to give voters “at least 72 hrs.” to read every bill, a promise he made on 2/18/10. 

Cromnibus Stalling Behind Closed Doors

Matt Fuller and Emma Dumain, Roll Call

With “cromnibus” negotiations bogging down in the House Mon., lawmakers pressing up against their deadline were preparing a 1 to 2-day temp. spending bill that'd fund the gov't until they resolve their differences. They want to wrap up the 113th Congress Thurs.

Spending Bill Pushed By GOP Leaders Includes $1 Billion To Help Border Migrants

Neil Munro, Daily Caller

The GOP’s “omnibus” spending bill includes $948M to help poor, unskilled Central Amer. migrants establish themselves in the US, but doesn't include effective restrictions on Obama’s plan to provide work permits & tax payments to millions of resident illegals.

Why Obama's Okay With GOP Funding Plan

Brian Hughes, Washington Examiner

Obama's been noticeably quiet as Repubs. prepare a funding plan that would guarantee a fight over his immigration action in early '15. That’s because Obama doesn’t think he’ll lose that showdown. "Repubs. still don't have an endgame," said a former WH official.

Boehner Disregards Clean Funding Bill

Russell Berman, The Hill

Boehner said that the House is unlikely to accept a clean spending bill from the Senate, increasing the chances of a shutdown after 9/30. What would they attach to a CR in the limited time it will have to avert a shutdown?