Why Sports and Politics Don't Mix

Stephen Moore, Investor's Business Daily

If Sports Illustrated, ESPN and NFL linebackers want to protest what an unjust and sexist society America is, they have every right to go to the public square and express themselves until the cows come home. All we can do as fans is exercise our freedom to turn them off -- as millions of Americans are doing. After 40 years, I finally canceled my subscription to Sports Illustrated.

You Will Be Made To Lose: Boy Wins Honors In Girls All State Track and Field

Brandon Morse, RedState

It’s not stopping at bathrooms. Now a boy is beating out girls during track and field events as he competes amongst them, and is taking top spots away from those who rightfully deserve them.

Why (As A Sports Fanatic) I Can't Get Interested in Soccer

Liberals continue to try to push the metric system on us, just like they are desperate to get America to love soccer – so we can be just like the rest of the world. I don’t want to be like the rest of the world.