State of the Union Address

Father of Benghazi Victim to Attend SOTU

Caroline May, Daily Caller

Calling the guest a “genuine victim of failed foreign policy,” Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) will be hosting Charles Woods, the father of Navy SEAL Ty Woods who was killed during the September 11 attacks in Benghazi.

Cruz: Obama Should Apologize for OCare in SoTU

Real Clear Politics Staff

Ted Cruz wants Obama to apologize during the State of the Union address for lying that Americans could keep their doctors. He also said, "Throughout the shutdown, I opposed a gov't shutdown. I said we shouldn't shut down the gov't. I think it was a mistake that Obama and the Democrats shut the gov't down."

Lee to Give TeaParty Response to Obama SOTU

Catalina Camia, USA Today

"For the Tea Party movement, 2014 is not just about taking back the Senate, but it is also about putting forward conservative ideas that will allow for America to prosper," said Amy Kremer, chair of the Tea Party Express. "Sen. Mike Lee has been both a Tea Party hero, and a conservative leader."

House GOP Trying to Fool You On Immigration

Jake Sherman and Seung Min Kim, Politico

In secret talks, House Repub. establishment leaders revealed they want to release their 'principles for immigration reform,' before the 1/28 SOTU address. They're pulling out all the stops to get conservatives on their side, but don't be fooled.