Steve Deace

Steve Deace On Why He Endorses Ted Cruz

Steve Deace, The Iowa Republican

“Ted Cruz has proven that we can build the organization and raise the money that it takes to actually win national elections without compromising our principles at all,” Deace says. “He is the one that can go into all the various factions of our base, whether it’s libertarians, whether it’s small government conservatives, national security conservatives, evangelicals like myself. He is the one that can put the winning coalition back together again.”

Deace to Ben Carson: Time to Rethink Your Campaign

We love Ben Carson’s big message of being an outsider who is above the pettiness of inside-the-Beltway politics, but we agree with Iowa's top conservative talker Steve Deace: Dr. Ben Carson had a bad April and comparing himself to Al Sharpton, embracing his “goal” and shaking hands with that proven liar, charlatan, tax cheat, race-baiter, and riot inciter will not be a big selling point in any GOP primary. Dr. Carson would have been miles ahead by “talking truth to power” and taking Sharpton to task to his face, as he did President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Rand Paul’s Toughest Sell Could Be Iowa

The Iowa Caucuses are little more than a huge media event that is subject to manipulation by the GOP establishment and is often inhospitable to the issues and messages the GOP needs to win in November. Invented by Democrats in 1972, the Iowa Caucuses have attained an outsized influence in presidential politics because neither the news media nor most outside observers seem to recognize that they have absolutely no effect on the actual allocation of delegates to the Republican National Convention. 

Steve Deace: Talks Big in Iowa

Emily Cadei,

Welcome to the next generation of conservative talk radio. he’s based in Des Moines, Iowa, which every four years becomes ground zero for presidential party politics. With his born-again Christian backstory and hard-line conservative stance on issues, Deace connects with the state’s most zealous conservative wing, giving him a “finger on the pulse” of that voting bloc, says D.C.-based consultant Barney Keller.

They're Not Stupid, They Just Don't Agree With Us

Steve Deace, Conservative Review

We have a choice to make. We can persist in our self-delusion and continue being treated as the GOP establishment's useful idiots. Or, we can start being honest with ourselves and do the work it takes to replace these people with our people.

GOP’s Sound & Fury Signifies Nothing

Steve Deace, TownHall

It's time for Republicans to stop suing Obama, and start stopping him before its too late.

Ben Carson Talk Resonates with Christian Conservatives

William Petroski, Des Moines Register

Dr. Carson called for a renewal of the principles of the founding fathers and support for the idea that the U.S. is a Judeo-Christian nation. He insisted that efforts must be undertaken to improve the nation's education system, curb the federal deficit and reform the tax system.

Dear GOP: Do Your Damned Job

Steve Deace, a nationally-syndicated talk show host and author of the new book, “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again,” has some sage advice for Republicans. “Forget what your consultants tell you is politically possible. You’re up against an opponent who doesn’t care about possible, let alone legal.”  

Steve Deace Nails Rick Perry: Says Texas Gov Must “Repudiate” Barbour & Schmidt

Maybe Rick Perry WANTS to be the establishment Republican candidate for President, but if he doesn't he must repudiate shadowy Republican consultants Steve Schmidt and Henry Barbour, and their records of race-baiting, recruiting Democrats to vote in Republican Primary Elections and trashing as “poisonous” conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh, before his conservative support evaporates.

Cruz Has Edge for 2016

Mike Flynn, Breitbart

Steve Deace, radio host and political powerbroker in Iowa says that Cruz is "on a path to the White House." He explained the appeal of Cruz to the Repub base and general election voters. 

Marco Rubio’s Iowa Problem

Steve Deace, Politico

Conservatives in Iowa aren’t likely to forget Rubio was the face of a policy they roundly despise.