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Did Ted Cruz Commit Political Suicide By Not Endorsing Donald Trump?

When Ted Cruz spoke at the Republican National Convention, and refused to endorse Donald Trump for President, he set off a political firestorm.

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie, an early supporter of Ted Cruz for President went so far as to say Cruz committed political suicide on national TV. Click here to read Mr. Viguerie's column on Ted Cruz's speech at the Republican National Convention. 

However, many CHQ readers have strongly disagreed saying that, even though Ted Cruz went back on his pledge to support the Republican nominee for President, he stood on principle.

Please tell us what you think: Did Ted Cruz stand for conservative principles when he refused to endorse Donald Trump for President?

Ted Cruz committed political suicide and helped Hillary Clinton when he refused to endorse Trump.
57% (117 votes)
Ted Cruz did the principled thing when he refused to endorse Donald Trump.
43% (88 votes)
Total voters: 205

Cruz Indiana Blitz Starts in Osceola Today

Mark Maley, The Elkhart Truth

In the last full day of campaigning before Tuesday’s presidential primary, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz will start his day at an Osceola restaurant  — the first of 10 campaign stops in Indiana

Cruz: California Will Decide the GOP Nominee for President

Chip Yost, KTLA and LA Times

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz told California Republicans Saturday that the state was at a crossroads where it would decide the party’s nominee for president on June 7. Cruz also played up the California roots of his running mate, Carly Fiorina.

Why Today’s Romp by Trump Doesn’t Matter

Drew Ryun, The Resurgent

Donald Trump will win in the neighborhood of 100 delegates on April 26. That will put him in the neighborhood of 945 to 955 delegates in the pursuit of 1,237, but the month of May is going to be a death march for Donald Trump.

What Ted Cruz is really like

Asheesh Agarwal, The Indianapolis Star

Anyone who has worked for Ted has gained a lifelong friend and mentor. As an adjunct law professor, Ted would stay long after class to discuss appellate advocacy and constitutional law with his students. During the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Ted’s first concern was for the safety of his staff, whom he later invited to his apartment for a prayer session.

It’s About Who Can Beat The GOP Establishment AND Hillary

Crushing the Washington Cartel is only half the job. Trump has proven that he is great at tearing down the old order, but his lack of discipline has alienated key elements of the coalition necessary to defeat Hillary Clinton and win the election. We urge conservatives and populists to vote Ted Cruz in the Wisconsin Republican Primary and beyond.

Cruz condemns GA Gov. Nathan Deal’s veto of ‘religious liberty’ bill

Hallerman, Bluestein and Galloway, AJC.com

“I thought that was very disappointing to see Gov. Deal of Georgia side with leftist activists and side against religious liberty,” Cruz said.

#NeverTrump = #AlwaysHillary

J. Robert Smith, The American Thinker

Come Cleveland, if Trump hasn’t amassed 1,237 delegates, he and Cruz will control over 60% of the delegates, regardless. That’s hard math. The natural convergence is between Cruz and Trump forces (the current acrimony, notwithstanding). At some point, Trump and Cruz need to make nice. 

Ted Cruz’s no-compromise stance on guns

CNN Wire

Congressman Steve King, another fierce Second Amendment advocate who hosted Ted Cruz on a pheasant hunt last year and campaigned with him in Iowa, said Cruz won Gun Owners of America's endorsement because he shares their understanding of the Second Amendment as a guard against tyranny. “Donald Trump has his golf clubs and Ted Cruz has his shotgun,” King said.

FLASH: Carly Endorses Cruz – Says She Voted For Him

“Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two sides of the same coin,” said Fiorina in her endorsement of Ted Cruz. “They’re not going to reform the system. They are the system.”

It's time for Marco Rubio to go away and let Ted Cruz take on Donald Trump

Paul Mulshine, The (New Jersey) Star Ledger

One decidedly anti-establishment Republican from New Jersey, arch-conservative Steve Lonegan, said that by sticking with Rubio the establishment is inadvertently helping Trump. "Rubio is basically blocking a pathway to victory for Cruz," said Lonegan. "That victory is doable if Rubio got out of the race." By sticking around, Rubio and Kasich making it easier for the Donald to win the nomination by splitting the other-than-Trump vote.

President of Arizona Christian University Endorses Cruz

Bob Eschliman, CharismaNews.com

Len Munsil, the president of Arizona Christian University in Phoenix and the Republican nominee for governor of Arizona in 2006, has announced his support for Ted Cruz for president.

Ted Cruz snags endorsement from Chuck Norris

Hannah Wise, Dallas Morning News

Action star Chuck Norris has endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz and will be appearing at a March 13 Cruz for President rally in Concord, North Carolina, according to Cruz’s campaign site, alongside Glenn Beck, founder of TheBlaze.

The Republican Establishment Is Now One for Fifteen in This Cycle

Mike Allen and Daniel Lippman, Politico

The GOP establishment is now ONE for 15 in this cycle (and the one is liberal Minnesota, Marco Rubio’s sole win). After his Super Tuesday romp, Trump has a 90%-plus chance of winning the nomination. He has more delegates than Cruz and Rubio COMBINED, 10 wins, and big leads in upcoming states. Rubio bombed in his chance to be the alternative. Turns out, doing a cheap impression of Trump’s cheap tricks does not a winner make.

The Closet Statist and the Constitutional Conservative

Steve McCann, The American Thinker

As Donald Trump has vaulted to the top of the Republican pyramid based on exploiting and tapping into the anger of a plurality of the primary voters a picture has begun to emerge that indicates he is a closet statist with authoritarian tendencies. However, there is an alternative to Donald Trump: Ted Cruz -- a true constitutional conservative.  

FLASH: Cruz Conservatives Hit Media-Rubio Lies

“Tony Perkins had it right; these are nothing but lies from the Rubio camp. Ted Cruz is the only candidate for President that, if elected, I trust to govern according to limited government constitutional conservative principles. There is nothing in Marco Rubio’s record of supporting amnesty for illegal aliens, opening our borders and supporting the Obama-Clinton disasters in the Middle East that would lead me to change that view.” Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, ConservativeHQ.com

5 Reasons Ted Cruz’ ‘Divisiveness’ Could Be An Asset

Georgi Boorman, The Federalist

As David Marcus wrote about his experience at a New Hampshire Cruz rally: “the senator from Texas makes converts through sheer intelligence and facts, not charisma. But it doesn’t make his approach any less powerful.” 

Cruz-Trump Feud Heats Up Ahead of S.C. Vote

Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP

Three days before South Carolina Republicans head to the polls, Cruz is challenging Trump to make good on his threat to sue him over an ad the Texas senator is running that hits Trump's position on abortion. Cruz said he’d be happy to “take the deposition myself.”

Rival Factions of Top Donors Get Behind Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

Nicholas Confessore and Sarah Cohen

Many of the Wall Street financiers who have been mainstays of Republican “super PACs” have rallied behind Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. Conservative Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has unleashed a new counter-establishment of conservative donors, some from outside the universe of traditional Republican giving. They include wealthy evangelicals, libertarian businessmen, Israel hawks and others disenchanted by the party’s past content-free moderate nominees.

Ted Cruz's American Restoration

Caroline Glick, Real Clear Politics

Ted Cruz is, to borrow Margaret Thatcher’s term, a conviction politician. He isn’t in politics to make a deal. He is in politics to make a difference. Ted Cruz has proven that he alone has the courage and the competence to lead an American restoration.