Another Call for Impeachment

Art Moore, WND

Did a prominent Texan who lost to Ted Cruz learn an election lesson? Or is David Dewhurst just calling for impeachment to get an edge with conservatives in his tough re-election bid?

Ted Cruz’s Moment in Time?

Matt Mackowiak, GOP USA

Running for president in 2016 may be a risky endeavor, but Cruz doesn’t shrink from challenges.

Yes, Ted Cruz can be President

Ilya Shapiro, Daily Caller

Unlike Barack Obama, there’s no question Sen. Ted Cruz is constitutionally eligible. Here’s why.

TX GOP Pans Holder Election Move

Mike Lillis and Bernie Becker, The Hill

Holder asked a court to require “preclearance” of new TX laws on states' rights. GOP says it defies SCOTUS's June decision.

Perry: No 2014 Run In Favor of 2016?

Richard Dunham, Houston Chronicle

Rick Perry won’t seek another term as governor. Some say a 2016 run is too risky.

National GOP On Texas Abortion Limits: The Gutless Party vs. The Party Of No Moral Compass

It is time for the RNC and Chairman Reince Preibus to speak and work in favor of the Texas bill or risk losing the right-to-life vote to a new organization that will stand for the principles national Republicans say they support, but never seem to actually step-up to fight for.

Ugly Abuse of Kids at ProChoice Rally

Kaye Wonderhouse, Global Dispatch

Pro-aborts dragged their kids to an Austin rally and forced them to hold wildly inappropriate signs.

Ted Cruz: IRS Won’t Get Away with It

Kathleen McKinley, Houston Chronicle

Cruz brought TX Tea Party leaders together at a presser to share their awful IRS experiences.

Cruz Has It Right: Abolish The IRS

Advocates of big government would like us to believe that the IRS can be trusted to implement Obamacare because the targeting of the Tea Party was merely bureaucratic bungling by a couple of poor, overworked government drones in Cincinnati. Ted Cruz says don't believe them and don't trust them, and we agree.

Stockman Condemns Amnesty Bill

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

Rep. Steve Stockman says the Senate bill is a revenue measure that didn’t originate in the House.