The Very Rev. Gary Hall

Will National Cathedral Invite Muslims Back To Pray For Peter Kassig?

Even in the wake of American Peter Kassig's murder at the hands of radical Muslims, and ample evidence that their Muslim guests have ties to the terrorist organizations that help fund his killers, the leaders of Washington's National Cathedral continue to ignore the facts and excuse the folly of hosting the November 14 Muslim "prayer event." Here's the documentation, it's time to call them out.

Muslim Brotherhood To Commemorate Genocidal Jihad At DC’s National Cathedral

Friday, November 14, 2014 will mark the 100th anniversary of the call by the last sitting Caliph of the Ottoman Empire for jihad against non-believers. The call for violent jihad against non-believers directly resulted in a genocidal jihad against Christian Armenian, Assyrian and Greek residents of Turkey that killed, raped and displaced millions. So why would the leaders of the Washington National Cathedral host, in conjunction with organizations with documented ties to the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, a Muslim prayer service on that date?