Treasury Department

Conservatives Lukewarm On China Trade Deal Miss The Point

A massive Chinese purchase of agricultural products will pump much needed cash into the economies of a dozen Heartland states before the 2020 election. So, it is little wonder that Donald Trump, always the keen-eyed negotiator started there, instead of with the provisions that benefit Silicon Valley, where he is not going to get any political benefit no matter what he does.

Tea Party Controversy Increases IRS FOIA Backlog

Bernie Becker, The Hill

The IRS backlog for freedom of info. requests grew rapidly amid its Tea Party controversy, according to a new fed. audit. Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration said in its new report that 217 information requests were stalled at the end of the '13 fiscal year: an 84% increase.

Repubs. Challenge Obama's Authority on Delays

Louise Radnofsky, Wall Street Journal

Repubs. are pointing to statements by a top Treasury Dept. official as evidence that the Obama admin. overstepped its authority in delaying Obamacare's requirement that employers offer coverage or pay a penalty.

Repubs Must Debunk D's Debt Myths

Ross Kaminsky, American Spectator

Treasury would use incoming revenue to pay interest on the debt before it made other payments. Saying they would do anything else is just a bluff. GOP leaders and a few courageous reporters must start countering the fear-mongering with economic reality or we'll lose.

Issa Wants Expansion of IRS Probe

Cathy Burke, Newsmax

Issa wants to open up a new front in an IRS investigation, focusing on the treatment of conservative groups that were already granted tax-exempt status.

Fake Economic Crisis? Obama Wishes.

Greg Richards, American Thinker

Dems are spinning a lie that we don't have a debt problem now but the real econ data doesn't lie.

IRS: Yep, We Messed Up Badly

Dave Boyer and Ben Wolfgang, Washington Times

Treasury admitted that confidential candidate and donor records were improperly scrutinized. Why won’t DOJ prosecute?

Top Dem: IRS IG Withheld Info

Bernie Becker, The Hill

Cummings wants George to testify again after discovering he lied about evidence of IRS-Tea Party targeting.

The Washington Post Aiding and Abetting Obama Cover-Up of IRS Targeting of Tea Party

The editors of The Washington Post bought the political spin from the Obama administration and congressional Democrats even when it was flatly contradicted by the Inspector General charged with actually investigating the targeting of the Tea Party for the Treasury.

Coburn Goes After IRS on Spending

Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner

Sen. Tom Coburn wants to know why the Treasury Dept. omitted lavish IRS conference spending.