Tsarnaev Brothers

The Navy Yard Shootings: The Surveillance State Fails Again

Rather than start with the premise that Americans need less freedom to be safe, if President Obama and Senator Diane Feinstein really plan on “investigating thoroughly” what happened at the Navy Yard, they should start by admitting that while the government is looking at everything and everyone it is apparently seeing nothing.

Lessons of 9/11 Lost in Political Correctness

America is full of men and women who have broad shoulders and stout hearts, but they are not in ascendancy today. Our nation is run by the kind of people who will search an octogenarian from Minnesota before she boards a plane, but will allow the likes of Major Nidal Hassan to shield his evil with a whisper-thin patina of faith.

MSM: Boston Bombers Libertarians

Allahpundit, Hot Air

MSNBC lefties think the Boston bombings weren’t really a jihadist reaction to U.S. foreign policy that drove the Tsarnaevs, confession notwithstanding. It was the rise of “radical libertarianism.”