Virginia Fourth Amendment

America's Soft Police State

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, American Thinker

Today Americans live in a soft police state. We may not sense its severity and doom like runaway slaves or Anne Frank, but the freedoms of the greatest number of Americans have never been more threatened and violated institutionally -- both openly and secretively -- by our own government. The Fourth Amendment, which is the law limiting government power to search and seize our persons and most private property, has been gutted by executive and administrative actions, Congress, and the courts -- the very bodies that were supposed to enforce it on government. 

Virginia Fourth Amendment adds needed clarity to “reasonable search and seizure”

Today we present another in our series of "modern Federalist Papers" supporting Virginia's "Fourth Amendment for the 21st Century." Unlike police, many officials and employees in our vast state and local administrative agencies often have little or no proper training in law or law enforcement, yet have law enforcement authority that results in mistaken or even abusive applications inconsistent with the laws they are charged with enforcing.