Virginia's 7th Congressional District race

TONIGHT: Dave Brat Takes on Jack Trammell in VA07 Debate

The debate is now concluded. The race for former Majority Leader Eric Cantor's House seat in Virginia's 7th Congressional District is hotter than ever.

SHOCK: 71% of INDEP. Voted for Brat Over Cantor

Tea Party News Network Staff

71% of Virginia voters who are “unaffiliated” with either party voted for Dave Brat, while only 29% voted for “moderate” Eric Cantor. When asked which issues most influenced voters’ decision to vote for Brat, “Gov't Spending” & “Immigration/Amnesty” were statistically tied for the top reason.

Conservatives: Let’s Not Get Too Cocky

Dave Brat didn't beat Eric Cantor through osmosis; he won through hard work. The only way to replicate his victory is to buckle down and knock on doors, make phone calls, send email, post on social media and sell our conservative candidates in every forum we can find. 

Eric Cantor’s Rising Star Flames Out

David Keene, The Washington Times

Cantor lost his seat because he failed to realize that a congressman perceived by those he is elected to represent as out of touch and more concerned with getting along in Washington than representing their wishes had better watch his back.

Viguerie Letter Helps Dave Brat Rally Grassroots Army Against Eric Cantor

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie's help in mobilizing Virginia's conservative grassroots through two effective letters that got to the heart of the matter: Eric Cantor doesn't speak for us and we're going to make him (and the Washington, D.C. establishment) listen. The letters revealed why Cantor's victorious opponent, conservative activist and professor Dave Brat, rightfully won.

Stunner: Cantor Upset Changes Everything

Christina Bellantoni, David Hawkings, Matt Fuller, and Daniel Newhauser, Roll Call

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor conceded his Virg. seat to a local activist after a stunning loss (Brat got 56%) with dramatic consequences for leadership.

Eric Cantor Should Resign Immediately As House Majority Leader

Who you walk with says a lot about who you are. To repair the damage Eric Cantor has done to the conservative coalition Republicans must maintain to win elections, House Republicans should be looking for a Majority Leader who walks with conservatives and who is engaged with and has the respect of principled limited government constitutional conservatives on and off the Hill. UPDATE: The media now reports that Cantor will resign as leader.

MEMORANDUM: Eric Cantor is an Imposter

Eric Cantor is an imposter and he is counting on the big bucks from his big business cronies to fool voters in Virginia's 7th district. 

Cantor Wants Youth Amnesty Deal With Obama

Neil Munro, Daily Caller

Rep. Eric Cantor called for a compromise immigration deal with President Barack Obama during a campaign interview with a local Virginia TV station. “I have told the president, there are some things we can work on together,” he said in the WTVR interview.

Viguerie: Here's Why Eric Cantor Should Be Defeated

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie thought former Rappahannock County Republican Committee Chairman Evelyn Kerr's case against Eric Cantor was so persuasive, he paid to send it to thousand's of Virginia Republicans and Tea Party activists. Please forward this email to all Republicans you know in Virginia and urge them to also forward this email to their Republican friends, especially those who live in Eric Cantor's VA-7 Congressional District.


We urge our friends in Virginia and South Carolina to walk precincts, phone and e-mail their friends, and burn up social media this weekend to turn out votes for Dave Brat in Virginia's District 7 Congressional primary, Sheri Few for Superintendent of Education and  E. Ray Moore for Lt. Governor in South Carolina's GOP primary.

Ingraham: We Should've Traded Cantor for Bergdahl

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

Conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham campaigned in Glenn Allen, VA, with the primary challenger to Eric Cantor, Randolph-Macon economics professor David Brat, issuing a blistering attack on Cantor's immigration record. At the rally attended by roughly 500, Ingraham and Brat showed no love lost for Cantor.

Brat Bringing in Big Name to Campaign – Laura Ingraham

Eric Cantor's campaign has spread an outlandish rumor that his conservative Tea Party opponent, Dave Brat, is a "liberal college professor." Conservative powerhouse Laura Ingraham will blast that lie with a healthy dose of support for Brat at today's rally. A monumental upset will ONLY happen if you help. You have 8 days to notify every contact you have and get them to vote on June 10th. Support Dave Brat!

Eric Cantor Opened the Illegal Alien Floodgates

Republicans should have long ago pushed back and demanded real border security, the rule of law and a defense of American sovereignty; instead Eric Cantor has joined Obama in supporting a Republican version of “The DREAM Act,” legislation guaranteed to encourage more illegal immigration.

Right, Left Rip Cantor on Immigration

Olympia Meola, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Conservative challenger Dave Brat says, "Eric Cantor represents large corporations who want a never-ending supply of cheap, low-wage foreign labor.” A Cantor advisor stated that Cantor's been consistent in his opposition to the Senate comprehensive amnesty bill but thinks there should be places to reach common ground.

Eric Cantor: Lies and Hypocrisy on Amnesty

It's time to reject the lies and hypocrisy on amnesty for illegal aliens coming from Eric Cantor and other establishment Republican “leaders.”

Eric Cantor Feels Heat at Home

Kenric Ward,

Barely three weeks to primary election day, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor faces a Republican insurgency that could boot him off Capitol Hill.

Cantor's TEAParty Opponent Gaining Momentum

Jenna Portnoy & Robert Costa, Washington Post

Cantor’s opponent in the 6/10 primary, tea party activist David Brat, is gaining national attention as a potential threat to Cantor’s hold on his solidly Repub. district. Brat has won support from some big-name conservatives and has tapped into discontent across VA’s 7th Congressional District.