Wall Street-Washington-Silicon Valley Axis

The Hillary Email Controversy Is Wrecking GOP Chances For 2016

The Hillary Clinton email scandal is important, but it is also a convenient “shiny object” to distract the media and the voting public from the fact that, on the issues, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are often indistinguishable and are equally acceptable to the Big Government Wall Street – Washington – Silicon Valley Axis that is looting the country and destroying the quality of life for millions of American middle class families.

Can Obama's Powerful Cronies Save Ex-Im Bank?

Club for Growth Spokesman Barney Keller said this about President Obama's 180 on reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, "2014 Obama should follow the lead of 2008 Obama, who called the Export-Import Bank a ‘fund for corporate welfare.’ While reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank may mean millions in profits for the President's golfing buddies, it also means billions in taxpayer exposure to just a few politically connected companies.”