Zimmerman Trial

Zimmerman Bill Burdens Taxpayers

Janeen Capizola, Biz Pac Review

The Zimmerman trial may be over, but taxpayers will likely be paying for it, and another hearing, for years.

O Plays Both Sides in Trayvon Case

Jacob Sullum, Reason

Obama’s ‘no violence’ call in the Trayvon case doesn’t jive with the DOJ’s looking into re-trying Zimmerman.

Zimmerman’s Prosecutors Should be Jailed

These prosecutors are evil people. They are evil people because they misused the machinery of government to engage in character assassination and smear of an innocent man. This was a malicious prosecution that never should have occurred.

Buchanan: Zimmerman Trial An Outrage

Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics

The DOJ and Obama interference is bad enough, but now this man hasn't been treated justly.