American industry

Americans will bear the full cost of the nearly ready Wuhan virus vaccine

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., The American Spectator

Almost all companies developing a vaccine are in the U.S. Here the free market is sufficiently intact to grant us the benefits of markets. Those would be innovation, speedy testing, and plenty of resources for research and development. The bad news is Americans will pay the full cost of developing these vaccines for COVID-19. No one else will step in. The rest of the world will get what America has developed and they will get it at bargain prices. The reason? Most countries have fully-or mostly-socialized their health care, and the price they establish for pharmaceuticals reflects that.

Another Reason To Back Trump: The US Chamber of Commerce Is Against Him

Donald Trump’s analysis that bad trade deals and currency manipulation are largely responsible for the destruction of our manufacturing base is certainly correct, but there’s another signature US Chamber of Commerce issue that didn’t get much play in Trump's Pennsylvania speech, and that is unlimited immigration, which has contributed as much, if not more, than NAFTA has to the destruction of America’s middle class.