Joe Biden bends the knee to AOC on climate

Editors, Washington Examiner

Biden is out with a revised climate plan that is far to the left of what he had proposed and much closer to the vision of Ocasio-Cortez’s extreme Green New Deal. In the primaries, Biden ran on a climate plan that would have spent $1.7 trillion over a decade. His new plan would spend $2 trillion in the first four years. This is proposed at a time when the United States faces an unprecedented debt that the Congressional Budget Office says is already on track to exceed the World War II record next year. As president, Biden would largely knuckle under to the radical demands of his party's left wing.

AOC Spent $6.3M to Defeat Primary Challenger

David Catron, The American Spectator

AOC won the old fashioned way -- she drowned her opponents beneath a tsunami of campaign cash. According to the FEC, Ocasio-Cortez spent about $6.3 million of $10.5 million raised, more than any other Democrat up for reelection in 2020. Her only serious primary challenger for the NY-14 seat, longtime CNBC journalist Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, spent about $1 million of $2 million raised. AOC and her accomplices are awash in cash and are currently staging a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party. These people must be stopped in November, or their next objective will certainly be the entire country.

Joe Biden embraces AOC's radicalism

Editors, Washington Examiner

Even Biden’s own campaign keeps calling into question his mental acuity. This should make voters wonder who will be setting policy if he enters the White House. Perhaps President Trump was too unkind when he suggested that as president, Biden would be wheeled into a nursing home while young radicals make all the policy on his behalf. But then, Biden is the one who has chosen to put radicals such as Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez into prominent roles in his campaign. By elevating Ocasio-Cortez, he, or whoever pulls the strings of his campaign, is endorsing her radicalism. Is Biden trying to scare away reasonable people?

AOC and her communist buddies embrace a COVID-19 world

Robert Knight, Washington Times

The most plausible scenario is that the virus was, indeed, cooked up in the lab. Former CIA officer Clare Lopez makes that case in her April 20 article “Made in China”. Beyond debate is that the communists covered up the outbreak for weeks — assisted by the World Health Organization (WHO) — as it morphed into a worldwide pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands and crushed the world’s economy. Not everyone is unhappy about the latter. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) says she’s thrilled by the crash of the oil industry, which has cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and could put many U.S. producers out of business.

AOC Hit List Targets Two Dozen Democrats

David Catron, The American Spectator

It’s clear that AOC, working with Brand New Congress and the Justice Democrats, intends to use her ephemeral influence to transform the Democratic Party into something resembling the socialist parties that mismanage most of the  “democratic” governments of Europe. Their first major step in that direction was to unseat several incumbent Democrats, including Reps. Mike Honda (D-Calif.), Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) and Michael Capuano (D-Mass.). The next step is to purge the few remaining “moderates” from the party. If they succeed, it’s good news for the Republicans. The Democrats will be kicked of out power by the voters and remain in the wilderness for a generation.

The Nightmare Of An America Ruled By AOC And Her Socialist Pals

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

If these freaks ever got power it will be open season on your ability to participate in our society and our government. After all, you’re a racist Jesus-loving/observant Jew NRA monster of greed and privilege and hatred and you deserve no rights. Your (alleged) rights are an obstacle to the fundamental transformation of America into Venezuela that they seek. In other words, your rights are expendable. What would be the agenda if the Commie Coven took over? Job One would be securing their own power, meaning eliminating yours. What would they call this brand-new USA? I don’t know…probably something along the lines of the People's Republic of North America.

The New Face of the Democratic Party

Ned Ryun, American Greatness

The Democrats have chosen or, perhaps one could argue, were actually compelled by the grassroots, to embrace the communist vipers. Problem is these movements, as history shows us with the Jacobins of the French Revolution, become all consuming fires, many times annihilating those who started the conflagration. Just ask Robspierre. Nancy Pelosi and the establishment allowed, even embraced the toxic identity politics that Ocasio-Cortez now champions and uses as a flamethrower against all who oppose her. Combine the reality of that with the fact that Trump is succeeding in making Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley, and Tlaib the face of the Democratic Party, and this is a win-win for Trump just over a year out from the 2020 elections.

Some old rages return to ride again

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

The young firebrands in the Democratic Party who generally know nothing about the nation’s history are likely to cut Joe Biden nothing. They’re gearing up for a campaign to win reparations for descendants of slaves, and everyone with at least one blue eye should expect to eventually write a check. Mr. Biden’s office says he will stand by his views on busing. If Donald Trump has taught the Democrats anything, it’s that plain speech, never apologizing, never explaining, never cowering in the corner, is what wins elections. Cowering is not pretty.

The Anti-Semitism of AOC, Omar, and Tlaib

David Catron, The American Spectator

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib now constitute a genuine liability for the Democrats. It’s possible that these creatures will help the party get out the millennial vote in 2020. But, if the Democrats allow this coven to stink up Congress for the next eighteen months with their disgusting brew of unrepentant anti-Semitism, it will drive a lot of voters into the arms of the Republicans or cause them to sit out the next election. Nancy Pelosi should banish the weird sisters to the outer darkness.

AOC: The Perfect Graduate of Today's Biased Colleges

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

This is a new form of proud Know-Nothingism. We can't even say it will come back to haunt us because it already is doing just that. Reforming our educational system is the most important mission of our time. Presidents come and go. Even media grandees come and go — after a while (too long a while). But education remains, shaping our future. Change it or everyone sitting in Congress will be AOC. (No it doesn't stand for All-Out Communist. But wait long enough and it could.)