ballot initiative

Florida Conservatives Fight For Second Amendment

Fortunately for Floridians they have a principled limited government constitutional conservative Attorney General, Ashley Moody, to defend their right to keep and bear arms, as protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Florida GOP Fighting California-Style Primary Election Amendment

We see a pattern emerging in which Far Left organizations, many of them funded by organizations linked to George Soros, are using the ballot initiative to spread to other states the anti-constitutional, anti-democratic election laws the Left has used to turn California into a one-party Third World state.

Will Florida, The ‘Gunshine State’ Outlaw The AR-15?

Democrats and their radical Far Left progressive allies in Florida have refined the art of government by constitutional amendment to a science. After outlawing dog racing and restoring felon voting rights, they have now set their sights on outlawing America’s most popular sporting rifle – the AR-15, along with practically every other semi-automatic shotgun and rifle.