Bill Barr

Bill Barr just the man to fight the Chinese Communist Party virus

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

At the notion the federal government’s attorney general would dare challenge governors’ authority to arrest innocent citizens in their own homes, Democrats mounted the barricades of “states’ rights!” They are actually talking about it on air. Publicly. They are not even wearing hoods. (Not even the governor of Virginia.) Which is pretty comical, considering how much Democrats today claim to be sensitive to the ways in which “states’ rights” arguments have been twisted into ugly weapons throughout American history. But, then again, it was the very same Democrats who were twisting those arguments back then. Just ask Democrat George Wallace.

The Atheists v. Bill Barr

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., The American Spectator

To Mr. Barr, American government relies upon citizens with strong Judeo-Christian beliefs that would allow them to be self-governing. “This is really what was meant by ‘self-government.’ In short, in the Framers’ view, free government was only suitable and sustainable for a religious people — a people who recognized that there was a transcendent moral order antecedent to both the state and man-made law and who had the discipline to control themselves according to those enduring principles.” Unfortunately, such asseverations rile up the disbelievers. They want to move against the believers and have been amazingly successful in moving against them.