birth rates

Our Faltering Social Vitality

Rich Lowry, National Review

To put it bluntly, contemporary America is characterized by less pro-creation and more self-destruction. This suggests something is profoundly wrong with the state of the union, although it doesn’t receive the attention and the debate it deserves. The fertility rate in 2018 dropped for the fourth straight year. While we now have fewer births, the death rate is increasing. The trends in life expectancy and fertility ought to occasion soul-searching. How is it that a society as technologically advanced and affluent as ours can’t provide a more inviting environment for childbearing or the supports to keep people from doing themselves grievous harm? Even if there are no ready policy answers, the question must be asked.

What Happens to Christians There Will Come Here

Here in America our church and political leaders, such as Speaker Paul Ryan and the hierarchy of Washington’s Episcopal National Cathedral, are not just allowing, but encouraging the same kind of Muslim invasion that is extinguishing European Christianity.