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GOP makes compelling pitch to black voters at RNC 2020

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Democrats, seized by identity politics, are supporting Black Lives Matter and Biden’s pick of Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate was part of an effort to bolster the turnout among both women and nonwhites. One result is that Biden has refused to condemn the violence sweeping through the nation’s urban areas, at least in part because that would be tantamount to calling for the police to crack down. And that, in turn, would infuriate the Black Lives Matter movement. Trump has a record of creating jobs for nonwhite Americans that any Democrat would die for.

Biden and Dems falsely claim they’re entitled to Black vote, ignoring Trump’s pro-Black policies

Shay Hawkins, Fox News

Black folks are wise to the Democrats’ playbook. Republicans now have a chance to shift the American political landscape. President Trump and the Republican Party must aggressively engage the Black community. We need to make sure everyone knows what President Trump has done to improve the lives of Black Americans. Traditional leaders in the Black community and the new generation of activists who are motivated to fight injustice should unite to build a real Black agenda based on education, jobs and equality. And then we should make Democrats and Republicans compete for our votes.

Mayor Pete’s African American Problem

Buttigieg’s African American problem was driven home a couple of days ago by the stark numbers coming out of a Washington Post/Ipsos poll: While 48% of black voters polled backed Joe Biden, only 2% of black Democratic-leaning voters backed the former South Bend Mayor.

Black Americans are coming home to the GOP

Rebecca Hagelin, Washington Times

A fantastic new book by Vernon Robinson III and Bruce Eberle, titled “Coming Home: How Black Americans Will Reelect Trump,” explains why black Americans will unleash freedom for all of us as they show up in record numbers to vote for Republican candidates and Mr. Trump. As the authors point out, all we have to do is cut through the noise and lies and share the truth to the black community about who has their best interest at heart, and they will respond. Available on, “Coming Home” has lessons that will lead to victory in this election and for years to come as black Americans come to realize in even greater numbers why the GOP’s policies of freedom and faith are essential for human thriving.

Can Trump Actually Win the Black Vote?

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

It would seem tantamount to insanity to suggest that Donald Trump could win, or even make a sizable dent in, the African-American vote in 2020, but I submit that it's not quite as crazy as it sounds and he should give it a serious shot. He should go into the black community as often as possible and make his case. This would be using identity politics in order to destroy it. (A noble task. Good riddance.) Trump clearly has a good case to make — black and Hispanic unemployment are at their lowest numbers ever. These stats have been repeated so often a good portion of these minorities already knows them. But there's no harm in repeating and making sure.

Media nightmare: Black pro-Trump voters

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

What matters more to black voters? Goofball accusations from un-serious people or the lowest black unemployment in history? As an American voter, I can tell you what matters more to me. And I know I am not alone. And this is precisely why Democrats and the Great White Media are so stricken with fear today. This is also why Democrats and the media have cranked up their race-baiting to the highest level ever. Mr. Trump’s policies are actually working to make life better for all Americans, including black voters. And Hispanic voters and Christians and Jews and Muslims and all the other categories Democrats like to divide Americans into.

Republicans, Yet Again, Do Right by Black Americans

Deroy Murdock, National Review

What do blacks think of Trump today? Rasmussen’s tracking poll Monday found Trump’s approval among blacks at a record-high 40 percent, versus 50 percent nationwide. How could this be? The Trump-hating Left/media’s attacks have been ruthless, relentless, and more one-sided than a flounder. In stark contrast to the “divider-in-chief” rhetoric he is accused of spouting, President Trump said: “We’re fighting to give every American — all over the country, every single American — a future of dignity and purpose and of pride.” So true. On Election Day, the only thing blacks have to lose is the Democrat hell from which Republicans are emancipating them.

Could Trump Win 20 Percent of the African-American Vote in 2020?

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Trump should stress issues that might appeal to African Americans, such as the right of access to charter schools, and how boutique environmentalism and over-regulation drive up the cost of affordable housing, fuel and electricity. Trump might also make it clear that his message is geared to all Americans, including African Americans. As a group, they are already doing better economically today than during the Obama administration — and everyone gains political clout when politicians must work for, rather than feel entitled to, their votes.

Leftists could cause racial shift among Democrats

Star Parker, Boston Herald

More blacks are beginning to understand that what serves their interests is a nation of law, a nation of moral integrity, a nation in which government protects individuals rather persecuting them based on prejudicial thinking. A booming economy and unemployment claims at historic lows are the result of a nation of law, not a nation of politics. The Supreme Court is on a new track, with a solid conservative majority in place. This is good news for all Americans.

What The MSM Doesn’t Get About Trump's Support

What the establishment media doesn’t seem to comprehend is that Donald Trump’s supporters, conservative, populist voters, not just white Evangelical Christians, stick with him because they want results, and Trump, despite his personal foibles is delivering them.

The Washington Post's Fake News On Trump's Alleged Racism

It is clear to us that it is not President Trump’s choice of the word “dog” to describe a disloyal staffer that is driving this latest example of "Trump is a racist" yellow journalism, it is Trump’s rising popularity among black voters that has the determinedly Leftwing Washington Post in a panic.

The Kanye Effect: Trump's Support Among Black Males Doubles

Stephen Kruiser, PJ Media

A new Reuters poll shows that support for President Trump among African-American men "doubled from 11 percent, for the week ending April 22, to 22 percent, for the week ending April 29." Yes, the numbers are small, but doubling up is better than doubling down. What is most remarkable about this "Kanye Effect" is the fact that the left has been working overtime to discredit him for not only speaking against leftist orthodoxy, but remaining unapologetic about it.

Stalking Horses of the Left

Walter E. Williams, CNS News

When hunting was the major source of food, hunters often used stalking horses as a means of sneaking up on their prey. They would synchronize their steps on the side of the horse away from their prey until they were close enough for a good shot. That's what blacks are to liberals and progressives in their efforts to transform America — stalking horses.

Why Hasn't Obama Campaigned More For Hillary?

Maybe Obama hasn't been campaigning for Hillary because even the tone-deaf Clinton campaign figured that a third term for Obama wasn’t that popular with the voters they needed to win, and now that they are losing, only a desperate last minute attempt to reassemble the Obama racial coalition is their only hope of victory.

Trump introduces his 'new deal' for black America in Charlotte speech

Gabby Morrongiello, Washington Examiner

In a speech tailored to black voters in the crucial swing state, Trump outlined a series of policy proposals aimed at tackling urban renewal and bringing prosperity to African-American families across the country.

Democratic Pollster Finds Clinton Struggling With Black Voters

Alex Pfeiffer, Daily Caller

The focus groups were organized by Cornell Belcher of Brilliant Corner Research & Strategy. Belcher previously worked as a pollster for the Democratic National Committee. He found that Hillary is underperforming with black voters in the key states of Ohio and Florida and that they didn’t feel compelled to vote for her out of disdain for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump in Lebron James' House

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Until serious numbers of African-Americans are participating in both the Republican and Democratic parties, the condition of black communities will never improve. Democrats haven't come up with an original thought for those communities for decades. They haven't had to.

Irony Squared: Could Donald Trump Be the Savior of Black America?

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

No matter how you feel about Trump (the messenger), his message is one hundred and fifty percent correct. By calling out the Democratic Party’s decades-old plantation politics he has opened up a true dialogue on race, rather than the phony, self-promoting one sought by the left, and called to question the whole sleazy exploitation game behind identity politics.

CNN Writers Can’t Help But Think Of Black People When Felons Are Mentioned

Susan Wright, RedState

What makes CNN so sure of their own moral superiority over Trump, and Republicans, in general, that they didn’t think twice about the big, wonking headline to this story – where they equated black voters to felons?

Why Black Voters Should Support Donald Trump

John Gibbs, The Federalist

Trump’s focus on American workers is in fact a black jobs policy. Just as many working-class whites are backing Trump because he is the one fighting for working-class interests, maybe black people should realize that our interests are not that different than those of working-class whites and do the same.