bringing jihad to America

The Islamic State of Molenbeek

Roger Cohen, The New York Times

A jihadi loves a vacuum, as Syria demonstrates. Belgium as a state, and Belgium as the heart of the European Union are as close to a vacuum as Europe offers these days.

Islamic State Fighter: Kill Women Who ‘Provoke Sexual Desires of Men’

Breitbart Jerusalem

According to the Sharia laws, a woman who doesn’t put a hijab on her head, who doesn’t cover her head, should be killed. These are the laws of Sharia. 

Obama trashes America in speech in Malaysia

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker

Obviously, Obama is unaware that the largest political party in Malaysia is race-based.  The United Malays National Organization (UNMO) has supplied all six of the prime ministers who have run the government since the country’s founding and have made Malaysia an Islamic state, despite the fact that Malays account for a bare majority of the population

Mali Muslim Terrorists Welcome Under Speaker Ryan’s New Refugee Bill

Last week establishment Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan shot down the idea of a religious test for refugees coming to America at taxpayer expense. The day after Ryan’s bill was pushed through the House on a closed Rule, meaning no conservative amendments were allowed, Muslim terrorists – jihadis as they call themselves – launched a terror attack that killed at least one American in Bamako, Mali, and Ryan's bill would not stop one of them from coming to America as a refugee.