Meet Biden’s Politburo

David Catron, The American Spectator

Despite his many faults, Democrat Joe Biden once had political instincts that allowed him to thrive in “the Swamp” for nearly half a century. But he just doesn’t have it anymore, and his handlers never did. Biden doesn’t know he isn’t a viable candidate, that he is nothing but an old jalopy that Obama administration retreads and leftist radicals hope to keep running long enough to reach the White House. He isn’t capable of leading in any meaningful sense, and no committee created by Sanders supporters and Biden’s cynical handlers will be able to sustain his basement campaign, much less a Potemkin presidency.

What’s President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet Batting Average?

While Trump won’t bat 1000 any more than Reagan did, conservatives are in positions of real power in this administration, and it appears we can count on getting much more than symbolism out of Donald Trump. Tell us what you think of President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet by taking the CHQ Cabinet conservative box score poll.

Trump Is Wise to Surround Himself with Generals

David French, National Review

It was that retired general who established many of the traditions and customs of the presidency — traditions and customs that limited the control and influence of that office. He could have been a near-king, a warrior-leader of our new nation. Instead, he chose to be a constitutional president.

A Besieged Presidency Ahead

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Donald Trump’s presidency will be a besieged presidency, and he would do well to enlist, politically speaking, a war cabinet and White House staff that relishes a fight and does not run. The battle of 2016 is over. The long war of the Trump presidency has only just begun.

Trump team vetting cabinet members

Jessie Hellmann, The Hill

Kellyanne Conway told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that Trump's transition team, led by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, has begun vetting potential cabinet members. "Yes, because we're going to win so we have to get ready to form a government," Conway said.

Trump on cabinet: I'd love to have Rubio involved

Mark Hensch, The Hill

Donald Trump on Thursday said on Fox News’s “Hannity” that he would welcome Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) into his presidential cabinet. “Frankly, Marco I'd love to have involved. I can tell you that Ben Carson is a terrific guy,” Trump said, listing other options from the original GOP contenders. "Chris Christie is a fantastic guy. Both of them are tremendous people.”