cancel culture

Boycott Goodyear Tires

We feel sorry for Goodyear’s 60,000 employees who work for idiots, and for the company’s shareholders who saw their stock nosedive because they employ idiots to manage their company, but President Trump is right: This is what the Radical Left Democrats do. Two can play the same game, and we have to start playing it now! #BoycottGoodyear

Sign The Philadelphia Statement: Stand for Free Speech and Stop Cancel Culture

One of the key points the Philadelphia Statement makes that prompted us to lend our name and wholehearted support is this: "...we must be willing to trust that bad ideas will be corrected not through censorship but through better arguments.” Our job at CHQ is to make those “better arguments” on behalf of conservative principles and to boldly take to the public square to explain and argue on behalf of our conservative values, principles, and policy judgements.

Trader Joe's changes course on branding, stands up to cancel culture

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

It appears to be the first time a corporation stood up against the woke mob and not only refused to do as ordered, but pushed back by announcing they were rejecting the obviously ridiculous accusations. It’s likely the support they received from their customer base is what empowered them to stay on their feet, and to reject the idiotic allegation of racism. It does remind us the power of the mob exists only when they are the singular voice heard. There’s a reason the left has worked long and hard to intimidate people into silence — they know their agenda would collapse if ever confronted.

Democrats Must Cancel Democrat Klansman Sen. Robert Byrd Of West Virginia

Senator Robert C. Byrd was not just a racist, but a leader among racists. He was an active member and officer of the Ku Klux Klan, one of the most viciously violent and terroristic hate-groups America has known. And his racism continued long after he left the formal organization of the Ku Klux Klan. Bethany College has already said it will remove the name of Robert C. Byrd, from the health center on its campus. If Democrats are not complete hypocrites on race, they will join us in demanding the federal government and the state government of West Virginia follow suit.

'Hail to the No-Names' — how to lose to cancel culture without surrendering

Editors, Washington Examiner

The mob's demands must never be honored with sincerity. A mob that is willing to tear down the statue of an abolitionist just because it is old is a mob too ignorant to be offended about anything. That's why Snyder's choice of "Washington Football Team," which mirrors the name the Post had been using for years, sets exactly the right tone. It takes the mob's culture-less, ideologically rigid mentality to its ultimate conclusion. Washington has no name, and soon, no one else will, either. We hope they stick to their new name rather than coming up with something else that will just offend someone eventually anyway.

Don’t Cancel Nick Cannon. Cancel 'Cancel Culture'

Our friend Adam Guillette, President of Accuracy in Media, opposes cancelling Nick Cannon for his hateful comments about white people and Jews, arguing conservatives and libertarians do not stand to gain from normalizing cancel culture tactics. As we saw in cities throughout our nation just a few weeks ago, the Left will always be much better than us at mobilizing unruly mobs. And who among us desires to live in a society dominated by mob rule?

Where Did ‘Cancel Culture’ Begin?

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

America has, as a society, assented to obvious lies. We have tolerated falsehood, and in the process have enslaved ourselves by empowering liars who, now that they control the levers of authority, are determined not to tolerate the truth. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil,” declared the prophet Isaiah, and elsewhere in the Bible we are told God hates “a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood.” Has it occurred to Bari Weiss, or her former colleagues, that perhaps they have incurred the wrath of God? Probably not. Nobody who believes the Bible would work for the NYT, would they?

The New York Times Meets Lord Of The Flies

The very public resignation of New York Times contributing editor and writer Bari Weiss describes an extremely dangerous Maoist atmosphere at the New York Times that could reach critical mass at any institution that has a large staff that has passed through American higher education in the past decade or so.

Cancel culture punishes Goya Foods over pro-Trump remarks; calls for boycott land with a thud

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Make no mistake, this cancel-culture obscenity, the seeking to destroy people and businesses that do not conform, is the virtual version of the riots that played out in Democratic-run cities with real-life fire bombing of buildings and the physical destruction of businesses and lives. It may be less visually dramatic, but it is still the mob, and they still seek to destroy and punish anyone who dares to get in their political way. As the left was engaging in virtual arson, conservatives and other well-meaning people countered this threat against Goya with a call to support the company and buy their products.

Buy Goya Food Products

Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue didn't back down when the Leftwing mob tried bullying him for praising President Trump. We urge CHQ readers and friends to give Goya foods a try – if you are unfamiliar with the cuisines of Spain, Latin America and the Philippines this is your incentive to try one of their recipes. Or you can simply join Mr. Unanue in contributing Goya foods to your local food bank – you will be supporting your neighbors and a corporate leader who refuses to be bullied by the Leftwing mob.

Yes, cancel culture is real — and it's dangerous

Editors, Washington Examiner

There are multiple ways the current climate of cancellation is so dangerous. For one thing, there is no way we can evolve into a more tolerant society if all people are deemed irremediably racist for things they wrote as teenagers and if major publications target non-public figures. Beyond that, however, the spirit of open speech and debate, in which there is an exchange of a wide array of ideas, is crucial to the survival of the republic. Shutting down voices if anybody claims they were offended is problematic when the range of things that are deemed offensive is growing and there is no room for forgiveness.

Cancel the White Men -- And What's Left?

Patrick J. Buchanan, Creators

Not only does our national capital, Washington, bear the name of a lifelong slave owner, so does the capital of Missouri, Jefferson City. So does the capital of Mississippi, Jackson. So does the capital of Wisconsin, Madison. The capital of Ohio is Columbus. The capital of South Carolina is Columbia. Both are named for now-vilified Christopher Columbus. These were among the decisive figures of American history. If all are dishonored, with their statues pulled down and their names taken off cities, counties, towns, rivers, canals, bridges, buildings, highways, roads, streets and dams, then what is left?

Time to Cancel the ‘Cancel Culture’

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

“Cancel culture” is the term used by the self-anointed “woke” for boycotting—essentially turning into non-persons and erasing from public life—people (usually celebrities, but plebes aren’t exempt) who have exhibited what they deem questionable behavior or written something untoward on social media. It’s our version of the Chinese Cultural Revolution: Being blocked on Twitter is the equivalent of being marched around on a stool while wearing a dunce cap. I say—enough already. Let’s cancel the cancel culture. But don’t ask me how. Under present conditions, with the relentless antagonism on social media and the zeitgeist in general, curing cancer may be a walk in the proverbial park by comparison.