carbon tax

The Carbon Tax Fantasy

Stephen Moore, CNS News

The energy experts at The Heritage Foundation have crunched the numbers and found that "by 2030, with a $37 per ton carbon tax, the country would experience an aggregate gross domestic product loss of more than $2.5 trillion — or more than $21,000 in income loss per family." If the climate change warnings of the alarmists turn out to be true, we will use technology and innovation to combat weather changes — not steel-booted world-government mandates and edicts. This requires more economic growth so the private sector has the funds to finance these initiatives. Any climate change "solution" that makes America poorer — such as a massive tax increase — is no solution at all.

Inconvenient Truth: Shultz and Baker's Disastrously Mistimed Carbon Tax

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

We are far from knowing enough about climate to invest billions  in its "solution," certainly not in the absurd amounts agreed to in Paris and unfortunately not even on the more reasonable level recommended by Shultz and Baker. And when someone tries to tell you that 97% of scientists say man-made global warming is a catastrophic danger to Earth, it's a lie that's been debunked many times over.