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Democrat Judge Tosses Citizenship Question Off 2020 Census

The elephant in the room – and the motivation for liberals fighting so hard against including the citizenship question on the census – is that it will re-open the debate over whether electoral seats should be apportioned according to the population of citizens rather than the total population.

A frivolous lawsuit against Trump's census question

Editors, Washington Examiner

The census asks all kinds of other questions (about race, for example) that have nothing to do with enumeration of the population. The long form of the census asks even more intrusive questions. This has been accepted practice since the nation's founding. So as long as an "actual enumeration" is also taken and used to apportion House seats, the citizenship question doesn't appear to pose any constitutional problems.

Democrats Sue Over Citizenship Question In The Census

The Democrats’ eruption over the citizenship question is that states with large illegal alien populations don’t want a future Congress to eliminate illegal aliens from being counted for the purposes of congressional reapportionment and allocation of federal funds where they are currently stealing from the rest of America’s taxpayers and voters by inflating their population with illegal aliens.