civil rights

Five Civil Rights Under Attack

J. Christian Adams, PJ Media

In 2020, it seems many have forgotten the most basic of civil rights. These circumstances are all the more precarious because the antagonists have a litany of reasons why these rights don’t matter, or shouldn’t exist. There's a central role of the U.S. in securing these rights, and remind ourselves of the dark barbarism that came before. 1. The Right Not to Have Your Business Sacked and Looted. 2. The Right to Attend Church. 3. The Right to Defend Yourself. 4. The Right to Be Free From Violence for Supporting Candidates. 5. The Rights to Support Ideas Without Violent Attacks.

Lying About Brett Kavanaugh's Civil Rights Record

J. Christian Adams, PJ Media

The Kavanaugh hearing reminds us that rules involving elections are the focus of a well-funded fight apart from policy debates. One side will tell half the story, disrupt, rely on alarmist scare tactics, and run to federal courts to employ novel fringe legal theories in order to elect more Democrats. The other side -- this week represented by Brett Kavanaugh -- respects the boundaries of the Constitution and is unwilling to exert an out-of-bounds judicial power to achieve partisan outcomes.

Facebook Labels ConservativeHQ “Malicious” Blocks Pro-Trump Content

Right before the election Facebook began to block CHQ content. In responses that sounded like they were written by Lois Lerner, we were assured that the problem had nothing to do with ConservativeHQ’s name or the conservative content of our articles, but the problem has continued to grow and now Facebook has labeled CHQ a "malicious" website.

Stop Using the Civil Rights Era to Legitimize Trans Issues

Brandon Morse, RedState

People in the black community should be rightfully offended that people are using their past as a way to push agendas that could bring harm to people. People who do make these comparisons should be ashamed of themselves.

Steve Scalise Must Go As House Republican Whip

Steve Scalise is either too dumb to be Republican Whip, or just plain lying about his association with David Duke's despicable racist organization, because none of what he has said about his association with Kenneth Knight, a leader of Duke's racist group has made the least bit of sense to anyone with even a low voltage BS detector.

Planned Parenthood Uses Ferguson to Push Abortion

Steven Ertelt, Life News

A national civil rights and violence debate is brewing because of the tenuous situation in Ferguson, Missouri. But the president of the Planned Parenthood abortion business isn’t letting an opportunity to push her pro-abortion agenda go to waste.

Eric Holder and The Lynch Mob Mentality in Ferguson

With Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice Civil Rights Criminal Division record of anti-police bias and misconduct the hope for an investigation to “dispassionately establish the facts” in the shooting of Michael Brown seems to be receding, not advancing. Sign our petition to impeach Eric Holder.

The Wrong Response to Ferguson, Missouri

Richard Nixon's "law and order" campaign is in no way a principled conservative response to the killing of Michael Brown and the riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

Civil Rights Leader: Obama, Sharpton=Racial Arsonists

Jennifer Burke, Tea Party News Network

Niger Innis, civil rights leader & Exec. Dir. for, acknowledged that Michael Brown's death was tragic, but had harsh words for the community’s violent response & for ‘black leaders’ who have ramped up the racial unrest.

Rangel: ‘Hard to Distinguish’ Between Tea Party, Racist Dixiecrats

Josh Feldman, Mediaite

Charlie Rangel talked about the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, and argued that modern-day tea partiers speaking out against Obama have rather a lot in common with the Dixiecrats back in the '60's who were very outspoken in their opposition to civil rights.

The Racist Roots of Virginia's Land Use Laws

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, Fauquier Free Citizen

The deck is stacked against those who challenge unconstitutional and abusive enforcement of local land use decisions. The enforcement provisions are set up to allow localities to discriminate. Under this system, counties are allowed to pick land use winners and losers.

Radical Left Rewrites the History of Civil Rights

Richard Winchester, American Thinker

Why are Republicans so disinclined to respond forcefully to charges of racism?

DOJ Nom Who Backed Biz Being Forced to Hire Felons Nixed by Sen.

Wesley Lowery and Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post; Michaele Barone, Wash. Examiner

Several Dems. joined with Repubs. in rejecting Debo Adegbile, who filed an appeal for Mumia Abu-Jamal, a convicted cop killer.

How Freedom Dies

Patrick J. Buchanan,

What we are seeing in Arizona in microcosm is what we have witnessed in America for half a century: the growing intolerance of those who preach tolerance and the corruption of the concept of civil rights.