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TeaParty's McDaniel Blasts GOP-E's Thad Cochran

John Gizzi, NewsMax

"I am running primarily because of [Sen. Thad Cochran’s] inability to follow constitutional constraints, on spending, on sovereignty, and other major issues," tea party candidate Chris McDaniel said, citing Cochran's vote last year to re-open the gov't and funding Obamacare.

Tea Party Blueprint for Recapturing the Black Vote?

Jack Minor, WND

“The RNC has it wrong. The RNC wants to invite themselves into black churches,” Smith said. “No you wait to get invited, but you’ve got to have a message. It works. It’s bulletproof," said K. Carl Smith, founder of the Frederick Douglass Repubs.

GOP Myths About Conservative Candidates

Mike Flynn, Breitbart

Karl Rove, the US Chamber, and other special interests have vowed to spend whatever it takes to prevent citizens from nominating the "wrong" candidates. Setting aside the conceit that these interests know better than voters who should represent them, are these concerns even valid?

Republicans Really Could Win It All

Larry J. Sabato, Politico Magazine

These 3 factors -- the president, the economy and the election playing field -- seem to be pointing toward Republican gains in both houses in the 2014 midterms.

Cantor Gets a Tea Party Challenger

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) will have a Tea Party challenge to his reelection. "I want to be Eric Cantor’s term limit," Randolph-Macon College economics Professor David Brat stated.

Dr. Wolf to GOP: An 'R' Isn't Enough

Dr. Milton Wolf, Breitbart

Obama's conservative cousin points out that the GOP's problem is that it hasn't been loyal to its own principles. A return to Reagan conservatism is the impetus behind his Senate run.

Today Conservatives Can Remake Congress And Restore America

Congressional retirements are picking up. It does the cause of limited constitutional government no good to nominate and elect another establishment Republican. Here’s the list of open seats to-date. Conservatives must start making the calls and setting the meetings to recruit limited government constitutional conservative candidates to run in every Republican primary.