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Democrats’ Cloward-Piven Plan For The Post Office

Frances Fox Piven and the late Richard Cloward, two radical Leftist academics, posited that the way to societal change was to overload and crash the welfare system through four steps. Radicals on the Far Left have since recognized that such a strategy could be applied to elections with favorable results, and we see the implementation of Step 1, “Overload and Break the Election System” being prepared now.

It’s Not Republicans Who Are Reluctant to Accept Political Outcomes They Don’t Like

David Harsanyi, National Review

According to the Washington Post's Paul Waldman, Matt Bevin’s (completely legal) request to re-canvass the Kentucky election portends an unwillingness by the GOP to accept the results the democratic process. Talk about projection. Historically speaking, Republicans probably need to win 40+ states for Democrats to accept election results without controversy. John Kerry, and surely he’s not alone, still believes that George W. Bush stole Ohio in 2004 with his sentient Diebold machines. Prominent Democrats believe Bush stole the Florida in 2000 (a contest we know W. indisputably won.) Al Gore, you may remember, refused to concede. It’s different when Democrats do it.