defunding unconstitutional amnesty

Speaker Boehner, Rep. Jim Jordan is Your Best Friend in Congress

Betraying your base on an 80% plus issue is political suicide for Republicans. It would of course be much better if a constitutionalist like Jim Jordan were the Speaker of the House, but if conservatives don't have the votes to oust Boehner perhaps, led by Jim Jordan, they can still push the Speaker and those Republicans who are at least smart politicians, if not principled conservatives, to do what is in the political self-interest of the GOP.

Will Boehner risk the Tea Party’s wrath over DHS funding?

Scott Wong, The Hill

The Senate appears poised to send the House a “clean” bill funding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), free of any measures attacking President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. But it’s not clear the plan could win the support of even a majority of Boehner’s conference. Bringing legislation to the floor that would only pass with votes from Democrats would significantly undermine the Speaker’s credibility with members of his own House Republican Conference.

McConnell Setting Up House Conservatives On DHS Funding

All of Mitch McConnell’s maneuvering leads us once again to conclude that he has no intention of winning the fight against Obama’s unconstitutional “executive amnesty.” What McConnell really wants to do is get by this battle so he can get on to “governing” which, to him and his fellow establishment Republicans, means dispensing to their friends and special interests the largess extorted from producers by the welfare state.

Big Week Coming; Will Capitol Hill GOP Leaders Deliver?

This week Capitol Hill Republicans face two showdowns with President Obama and the Democrats that will either make or break their standing with grassroots limited government constitutional conservative voters – defunding Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty and the confirmation vote on Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch.