The Old Deplorables

F. H. Buckley, The American Spectator

The remark ripped aside the mask of left-wing compassion and empathy. It’s not Adlai Stevenson’s Party any longer, a Party of honorable liberals. Instead, it’s a progressive Party, and progressives are liberals who have learned how to hate. Before Hillary’s LGBT audience, her remarks were greeted with the derision and laughter that bares its teeth. And then the chattering class of columnists doubled down.

Les Depolorables

Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

Hillary's supporters say it’s Donald Trump’s rhetoric that is “divisive.” Just so. But it’s rich to hear them claim that their words and politics are “inclusive.” So is the town dump. They have chopped American society into so many offendable identities that only a Yale freshman can name them all.

Last Chance for the 'Deplorables'

Patrick J. Buchanan,

No wonder Clinton was so giddy at the LGBT bash. They are taking America away from the “haters,” as they look down in moral supremacy on the pitiable Middle Americans who are passing away. But a question arises for 2017. Why should Middle America, given what she thinks of us, render a President Hillary Clinton and her regime any more allegiance or loyalty than Colin Kaepernick renders to the America he so abhors?

Hillary and the ‘Homophobes’

William Murchison, The American Spectator

Clinton’s disability invites the voting public to look at what she stands for: not least for a party-wide attitude of disdain for people who think differently than Democrats think. They’re the kind of people you can’t and don’t want to work with.