Don Lemon

CNN outdoes itself with arrogant and smug ridicule of Trump supporters

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

Whether it be Mrs. Clinton, media personalities or miserable GOP has-beens, their hatred of people who disagree with them politically is more than an unthinking mistake, it’s a belief system. It’s one thing if someone is sitting at a bar with friends drinking (too much) and is caught on tape making outrageous statements. But this was a trio of men with extensive experience on national television and they were still deeply comfortable with ridiculing half the country with personal insults. The gift CNN has given the Republican National Committee is enormous. No longer will the GOP and Mr. Trump have to rely on telling you you’re despised by the establishment. Now, they can show you themselves.

‘Ya’ll Elitists Are Dumb’: CNN Creates Yet Another Unintended Ad For Trump

Emily Jashinsky, The Federalist

It’s infuriating to watch actual elites, perched on their primetime thrones, callously mock “rubes” over their distaste for the political class that has legitimately failed them many times over. It’s infuriating because it’s a mean stereotype that describes very few people. It’s infuriating because it reflects the same base-level divisiveness they claim to oppose from the president. It’s infuriating because the same people who peddled a conspiracy theory are still patronizing the skeptics. It’s infuriating because after half a decade of the Trump phenomenon they, the self-styled experts, should really know better. But more than anything, it’s hilarious because it’s just so mind-numbingly self-defeating.

Lemon's animosity toward Trump alienates everyday Americans

Larry O'Connor, Washington Times

Don Lemon has used his platform for blistering monologues and biased panel discussions that often conclude with Mr. Lemon chastising or even yelling at one of his guests who attempt to speak on behalf of Mr. Trump or his supporters. If you support Mr. Trump, his show is completely unwatchable. And that’s the point. CNN has clearly decided that they don’t want Trump supporters watching. They believe they’re doing just fine without you, thank you very much. But if a network’s entire brand is defined by being anti-Trump, what exactly are you once he is no longer president? Most of us will never know because we will have already made a habit out of not watching.

Aided By Big Tech And Media Far Left Is Organizing For More Political Assassinations

Just in case you bought the establishment media’s narrative that the attempted assassination of House Republican Whip Rep. Steve Scalise and the rest of the Republican baseball team was the one-off work of a nut, our friends at Far Left Watch have a chilling report to once and for all disabuse you of that fantasy.

Must See Video: “Say NO to the Mob”'s “Say NO to the Mob” dramatically shows that the Democrats’ words do have consequences, and those consequences are broken windows, beaten Trump supporters and gunfire aimed at Republican members of Congress. You can view the video through this link.

The Democrats’ Idea Of Civility

“In their quest for power, the radical Democrats have turned into an angry mob,” President Trump said at a recent rally. We can’t say that Rep. Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton and Senators Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker constitute a “mob,” but they certainly prove the point the President made at Monday’s rally.