is Donald Trump a conservative? Ted Cruz principled limited government constitutional conservative

Cruz sweeps through Southern California

Joshua Stewart and Seema Mehta, San Diego Union-Tribune

Sen. Ted Cruz held raucous rallies in Orange and San Diego counties Monday and made it clear that he believes California will play a pivotal role in determining the Republican presidential nomination for the first time in decades.

Cruz, Trump prepare mass-money arms race in California

Shane Goldmacher, Politico

If Cruz is to stop Trump short of 1,237 delegates, the final decisive stand will almost certainly come in California. “California is likely to be where this fight is decided,” said Ray McNally, a Republican strategist in the state. And that realization has spurred a behind-the-scenes arms race, with Cruz, Trump, John Kasich and their allies making new hires, planning new field offices and forming new big-money groups in what is set to be the sprawling state’s most consequential Republican primary in a half-century.

Trump's Saturday delegate disaster

Eli Stokols and Kyle Cheney, Politico

Donald Trump’s struggle to win loyal delegates to the Republican National Convention grew even more desperate on Saturday, with crushing losses in Colorado and South Carolina that put victory at a contested convention further from his grasp.

Ted Cruz: Unborn Children Have a Constitutional Right to Life

Steven Ertelt,

A Cruz interview with Princeton Professor Robert George is an insightful juxtaposition with Hillary Clinton’s radical views on abortion. Cruz argued that unborn babies are persons within the meaning of the 14th Amendment, ergo they have a right to life under the nation’s founding document.

Why Cruz Is Poised to Stop Trump in Wisconsin

John Fund, National Review

The only two public polls taken in the last month show Ted Cruz with a narrow lead. A big factor is Governor Scott Walker’s reshaping of conservatism in the state since he beat back union opponents of his reforms in 2011 and survived a recall attempt in 2012. Mark Block, a political strategist, says that the state’s conservatives expect substantive policy debates and are sophisticated in evaluating candidates. Many of them are unimpressed with Trump. 

Time for GOP to Get Over Any Aversions to Ted Cruz

Ed Rogers, The Washington Post

There is still a lot of foot dragging and paralysis among Republicans as they contemplate supporting Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.). But Republicans can support Cruz and feel good about it. Cruz has real intellectual depth, and it’s not just that he has a sufficient IQ or good educational credentialing — he’s a student of government and of history. You can bet that everything from his personnel selections to his policy positions would be informed, thoroughly thought through and defensible.

Learning to say ‘President Trump’

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., The Washington Times

Mr. Trump is going to arrive at the convention with his 1,237 votes for the nomination, or he will be very close. Then the man who wrote “The Art of the Deal” is going to be ready to deal. 

The End of the Republican Party as We Know It

Jonah Goldberg, The LA Times

Nominating Donald Trump will wreck the Republican Party as we know it. Not nominating Trump will wreck the Republican Party as we know it. The sooner everyone recognizes this fact, the better.

Ted Cruz Poised to Sweep Utah’s 40 Delegates

Mike Flynn, Breitbart

While Ted Cruz has been favored to win the Utah caucus on Tuesday, crossing the 50 percent threshold in the poll is important for his campaign. If a candidate captures 50 percent support in the caucus, the candidate wins all 40 of the state’s delegates. If a candidate doesn’t hit 50 percent, the delegates are apportioned to each candidate with at least 15 percent support.

Cruz tours U.S.-Mexico border ahead of Arizona primary

Katie Zezima, The washington Post

Cruz painted Trump as taking an expedient view of immigration, accusing him of hardening his stance when he decided to run for president after bankrolling senators who sponsored the hated Gang of Eight immigration bill.

Cruz Calls for Unity After Rubio Leaves Presidential Race

ABC News

Addressing hundreds of raucous supporters at a hotel in his hometown of Houston, Cruz said that "after tonight, America now has a clear choice." Cruz said that only he and Donald Trump have a shot at winning the Republican nomination. In a call for Republican unity Cruz said he is welcoming Marco Rubio's former supporters "with open arms."

Donald Trump Inches out Ted Cruz in Missouri

Alex Swoyer, Breitbart

Trump took 40.7 percent of the votes in the Show Me State with 100 percent of the votes tallied. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is close behind at 40.6 percent–down by approximately 1,700 votes. With this small a margin, Cruz could potentially ask for a recount. However, since Missouri is not a winner-take-all primary, the recount fight may not yield many new delegates even if he is ultimately declared the state’s winner.

The Path Forward for Republicans Is Both Conservative and Populist

Michael Needham, Real Clear Politics

If there’s anything we can say definitively about the 2016 primary, it is that the establishment lane to the Republican nomination is nonexistent. It ran into a cliff of unsustainable debt, neglect of important cultural issues, and an unwillingness to stand and fight for people eager to have politicians fight for them.

It's Down To Trump And Cruz

Ed Rollins, Fox News Opinion

John Kasich narrowly wins his home state and the media treats it like we have a real race. Trump had a giant night on Tuesday. The Ted Cruz who won the second highest number of delegates is barely mentioned.  The establishment now wants Kasich to be the challenger and Trump the stopper! But Kasich has won nothing else this year and badly trails in delegates behind Trump and Cruz and even Rubio who correctly dropped out after losing his home state.

Populist Trump v. 'True Conservative' Cruz

Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard

In New Hampshire, where 47 percent of Republican primary voters answered yes to the betrayal question in the exit poll. In South Carolina, it was 52 percent. And in five primaries Tuesday it was more of the same. In Florida, 60 percent of Republicans felt betrayed, Ohio (54), North Carolina (57), Illinois (50), and Missouri (58). That sense of betrayal has doomed the regular, mainstream, and establishment Republicans.

New FedUp PAC Poll: Trump and Cruz Neck-and-Neck Among Conservatives

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are running neck-and-neck among conservatives according to a new poll by FedUp PAC. The two are in a statistical tie on favorability, with Trump at 54% and Cruz at 53%.

Cruz and Trump Rout Rubio in Miami GOP Debate

Last night’s debate was probably Marco Rubio’s last stand and it showed once again that the reason Rubio is losing is not a lack of political skill or charm on his part – it is that his policies on immigration, amnesty for illegal aliens and support for the failed Obama-Clinton disasters in the Middle East are far out of synch with the views of the limited government constitutional conservative grassroots of the Republican Party.

To stop Trump, GOP establishment must rally around Cruz

John Kass, The Chicago Tribune

For grass-roots conservative Republicans — mocked by the Beltway's imperial punditry and lied to again and again by the GOP establishment — what could be sweeter than this? Watching the Republican establishment lords to drop to their knees and begin that slow crawl, over the broken political corpse of Marco Rubio, to kiss the feet of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the constitutional conservative whom they hate.

Dear Republicans, It's Ted Cruz

Chris Stirewalt, Fox News

What is the rationale for Marco Rubio’s candidacy? The latest poll out from the classiest and most reliable Florida pollster, Quinnipiac University, says there is none.

Ted Cruz asks Rubio, Bush supporters to back him instead

Patricia Mazzei, The Miami Herald

Ted Cruz keeps playing political mind games with Marco Rubio. He quietly opened 10 campaign offices across Rubio’s home state of Florida. And when he showed up at Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus on Wednesday morning, Cruz made sure to grab the headlines: He announced the surprise endorsement of former Republican presidential rival Carly Fiorina.