From Our What Could Wrong Department: Pilot-Free Computer Controlled Combat Aircraft

The cycle of invention, skepticism, resistance, and adaptation continues  but in previous arms races it did not bring with it the threat that the systems we invented could turn upon their inventors.

Proposed GOP Resolution Aims to Nullify Fed. Laws

Daniel Bice, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Delegates at the Wis. state Republican convention are set to vote Saturday on a proposed resolution that directs lawmakers to push through legislation nullifying Obamacare, Common Core educational standards and "drone usage in the state.

Ted Cruz: We’ll ‘Turn This Country Around’

Elizabeth Titus, Politico

Ted Cruz told tea party activists that he is “filled with the promise that we’re going to turn this country around” after legislative fights over drones, guns and Obamacare last year.

From Our What Could Go Wrong Department: Self-Replicating Machines To Replace Soldiers With Robots

The notion that creating a factory capable of reproducing itself and producing armed, autonomous drones and robots equals “scientific progress” reminds us all too much of the celebrations of the technical achievements involved in the NSA’s as yet uncharted ability to eavesdrop on virtually any form of communication.

Can Federalism Protect You From Government Drones?

State legislators and governors, who are closer to the concerns of the people, are acting to restrict the use of drones now that it has been revealed that federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are increasingly borrowing border-patrol drones for domestic surveillance operations.

From Our New “What Could Go Wrong” Department

Military robots and drones are becoming “smarter” and more autonomous. Until the scientific and technical geniuses behind the idea of autonomous armed drones also equip them with a foolproof “Constitution chip” Americans should oppose the deployment of such technology.

Gov. to Assassinate Edward Snowden?

Jonathan Easley, The Hill

Ron Paul fears the famous whistle-blower could be in danger of malevolent government targeting.