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Venezuela: What Should America Do?

Should the United States stay out of Venezuela, or should we act to enforce the Monroe Doctrine and drive the Russians and Iranians out of the Western Hemisphere? We want to know what readers and friends think about this important topic. Please leave your most thoughtful and succinct comments below.

The Problem with Sanctions: Feel Good Versus Effective Policy

Doug Bandow, The American Spectator

Europeans, Chinese, and Russians now are united by a desire to prevent America from using its financial power to coerce them. New and more effective alternatives seem inevitable. Every new overreach likely advances the end of Washington’s ability to impose its economic will. Sanctions can be a useful foreign policy tool. But economic warfare is no panacea. Indeed, so far the administration’s reliance on economic penalties has been a bust. They have proliferated without having any visible impact on the conduct of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, or Venezuela. Administration officials appear to be fulfilling the classic definition of insanity — doing the same thing while expecting a different outcome.