Liberalism Is Dangerous to Your Wallet and Your Health

Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times

New cases are rising in red states that have opened up for business faster than in blue states that have remained mostly closed. And we will have to see how this pans out. But the deaths, especially in nursing homes, remain much higher in the blue states. Moreover, studies are now finding that the adverse health effects from the lockdown (suicide, delayed treatments for cancer and heart problems, depression, spousal and child abuse, alcoholism, and drug overdoses, to name a few) could easily match the saved lives from lockdowns. These “lockdown deaths” are far more prevalent in blue states that shut down.

Americans Should Never Again Comply With Pandemic Lockdown Orders

John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist

We’re told a second wave of coronavirus infections is coming. The double standard is everywhere and undeniable, and the message is clear: the experts and the people in charge only care about the pandemic when it’s politically convenient. They’re guided by the science, they tell us, but only if the science doesn’t get in the way of their virtue-signaling about Black Lives Matter. They care about public health, but only up to a point. They care much more about being woke. And if you want to go to a big rally, it’s only safe if it’s the right kind. Americans should never listen to these people again.

Trump Will Survive the COVID-19 Economy

David Catron, The American Spectator

An attempt to hang Herbert Hoover around Trump’s neck will fail: First, it’s not clear that many rank-and-file Democratic voters would be able to identify Herbert Hoover, much less how he relates to the COVID-19 economy. Second, polls already show Trump ahead of his probable November opponent in critical swing states where Democratic governors refuse to reopen their economies. If the president wins those states, neither Joe Biden nor any other Democrat will be able to defeat him. Finally, Trump has already demonstrated that he can bring a moribund economy back to life. No one else in America can make that claim.

It's the future economy, stupid: Trump bets his reelection on better times ahead

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

Trump is making the "we're back" argument while the coronavirus still rages, and, he acknowledged, there is no vaccine. Some 36 million people in the United States are out of work. Trump is appealing to his past economic success, promising that things are going to be better in the near future and that he is the man who can make it happen. Biden and the Democrats hope to make this election a referendum on Trump’s tweets, temperament, coronavirus management, and the current state of the economy. That puts the onus on Trump to make Biden’s record a factor in voters’ choices and make his own economic pitch for the future.

Lockdown Logic

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

Americans did not elect Dr. Fauci to be our Official Economic Controller, and this business of pretending that President Trump’s policy is “anti-science” because he sometimes overrules his advisers is part of the media’s lockdown logic game, which is, of course, all about politics. The same media voices telling us we’re all going to die of coronavirus because of Trump’s policies would have us believe that Joe Biden is even more of a scientific expert than Andrew Cuomo. Biden can seldom speak in coherent sentences, but electing Sleepy Joe will save us from COVID-19. Or so you might believe, if you’re a CNN viewer.

Lockdown Protests Confound Anti-Trump Elites

David Catron, The American Spectator

Who thinks Trump would dawdle while his strongest supporters died? Yet this is what you must believe if you buy the claim that he was consciously slow off the mark because the pandemic disproportionately affects blacks. Even more implausible is the notion that lockdown protestors in more than half of the states are in on the plot and willing to sacrifice the lives of their husbands, fathers, and grandfathers to the cause of white supremacy. You must take all of these things seriously if you believe that the lockdown protests are part of a desperate attempt to revive the “racist” Tea Party movement to save Trump from certain defeat by … er … Joe Biden?

How to get the economy back into gear

Byron York, Washington Examiner

"At some point, the president is going to have to look at Drs. Fauci and Birx and say, 'We're opening on May 1,'" Laura Ingraham said recently. "Give me your best guidance on protocols, but we cannot deny our people their basic freedoms any longer." The good news is that with luck and smart planning, conditions will be right on May 1 for the reopening to begin on a state-by-state, county-by-county basis, guided by the federal and state and local officials. There will undoubtedly be surprises. The coronavirus has presented the U.S. with an unprecedented crisis, and so the recovery will be unprecedented, too. The time is quickly coming to move forward.

How Big of a Threat Is the Coronavirus?

David Franke, Richard C.

Whatever he does, President Donald Trump will be blamed for the deaths that occur (that’s already happening).  But there is no easy choice, for him or for the nation.  End the lockdown before the crisis is over, and hundreds of thousands may die and the occupant of the Oval Office will be blamed for their fates.  Yet if we don’t return to work for months, the entire economy of the United States is toast. That doesn’t exactly make me want to be President when I grow up. No matter how over-hyped the coronavirus threat may be, however, it is still a deadly virus.  Take sensible precautions to protect yourself and your family and loved ones.

An Easter rebirth for our economy? Hallelujah

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

The obvious implication is that it is impossible to eliminate the coronavirus, but we can contain it and get on with our lives, as we must. That, too, is both realistic and necessary. It’s far too soon to be confident that the road ahead will be smooth and that the nation is on a direct path to recovery. Much about the deadly scourge still remains unknown, and it is worth remembering how recently it came from China and how much it has shaken nearly the entire planet in less than two months. Other nasty surprises cannot be ruled out. Against the upheaval, the old nostrums sound wise. Steady as she goes, be patient and take it one day at a time.

Working Hard Versus Hardly Working

Stephen Moore, CNS News

A chart from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the trend in labor force participation and the unemployment rate adjusted for labor force dropouts from 2009-2019. The strange thing about the Obama recovery was more jobs and less willing workers. When a person isn't looking for a job, for whatever reason, they do not get labeled as unemployed. The joke a few years ago was that Obama would shrink the unemployment rate to zero through the magic formula of driving millions out of the workforce. In a world where everyone is living off of welfare or a trust fund, and no one is looking for a job — there are officially no unemployed people. Under Trump, we are experiencing the best of all worlds.

To Beat Trump, 2020 Democrats Will Need to Convince Voters They Can Be Trusted with the Economy

Michael Tanner, National Review

A combination of deregulation, loose monetary policy, and even looser fiscal policy has sustained and strengthened a long-running recovery. Most opinion about the president is already set in concrete. Neither his base nor the Democrats’ is going to be moved by the fluctuations of economic reporting. Perhaps that is why polls show only a weak correlation between voters’ positive feelings about the economy and their approval of Trump. All of which means that if Democrats hope to win this fall, they will have to find a way to reassure voters that they don’t intend to upend the economic gains won on Trump’s watch. And the debate did not provide any evidence that they’re yet up to the task.

If unemployment stays low and wages rise, Trump will be unstoppable in 2020

Scott Walker, Washington Times

Democrats will have a tough fight in 2020. Oddly enough, the impeachment battle made it more likely that the president will get re-elected next year. Voters in my home state are responding to the impeachment much as they did to the protests and recall election years ago. Liberals are all worked up and take out their emotions in massive protests. Conservatives finally get worked up and rally for the election. And independents want action over partisan bickering. The more that President Trump can show that he is doing good things, the better off he is with independent voters. Continued signs of economic growth, low unemployment and higher wages will keep voters happy in the coming year.

Dem Front Runner Warren Agrees With Trump On Trade And Middle East Wars

One of the more bizarre elements of last night’s Democratic presidential “debate” was how much the leading Democrat – Senator Elizabeth Warren – agrees with President Trump, especially on endless Middle East wars and the effects of trade on American workers.

In debate, Democrats steer clear of economy

Byron York, Washington Examiner

At the Democratic Party's first one-night presidential debate, what role did the nation's widespread economic anxieties play? Almost none. The word "recession" was uttered just once in the entire debate. (By Julian Castro, who noted the poll's finding of recession fears.) Nor was the word "unemployment" ever spoken. Nor was there a discussion of job creation. Nor was there much of a discussion of wages. On the government side, no one, moderator or candidate, said the word "deficit." No one discussed the mismatch between the federal government's revenues and its spending. No one talked about the national debt.

Democrats Are Rooting for Recession

Stephen Moore, CNS News

Can the media and the pundits talk America into a recession? They want to, but probably not. Sustainable growth depends on business formation and expansion, not consumer shopping. We know what's holding that back: the trade war with China, a Fed that's too tight and the headwinds of an economic stall-out in Germany, the rest of the European Union and Japan. Most countries in the world would love to have America's economic conditions. I will stick with my prediction that if and when Trump gets a deal with Beijing that ends the tariff wars, the economy will soar and the recession rooters will look mighty foolish — again.

What Could Sink Trump’s Chances in 2020?

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Elections are not popularity contests. If they were, Trump might well lose handily, given that his approval ratings are consistently below 50 percent. Instead, they are choices between good and better — or bad and worse — candidates. Trump's near-animal energy belies his age. Some of his potential opponents — Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren — are in their 70s and seem to show their age more than Trump does. Add up all these factors, and a currently unpopular Trump will still likely be harder to beat than his confident media detractors and enraged progressive critics can imagine.

Democrats: Prisoners of the past on the economy

Michael Barone, Washington Examiner

Democrats remember the 1992 Bill Clinton mantra, “It’s the economy, stupid,” and how Clinton won despite a macroeconomic upswing. So, why not describe the economy as it used to be, and as they’d like voters to see it, rather than as it actually is? This has another benefit for Democratic partisans. They are increasingly upscale white college graduates who care mostly about cultural issues, but they like to think their policies help the less fortunate. Their party has already lost the blue-collar whites who were once its base, and erosion of its supermajorities from blue-collar blacks and majorities from blue-collar Hispanics could destroy its dreams of long-term majorities. Hope they remain prisoners of the past.

Dem 2020 task: Convince voters to overlook economy

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The president's Democratic 2020 challengers face a daunting problem: Unless there is a serious economic downturn, the answer to the are-you-better-off question will work in the president's favor, not his opponent's. Democrats hope educated voters will be susceptible to anti-Trump social pressures, to being shamed out of voting for the president. The idea is that those voters will focus on their objections to the way Trump has conducted himself in office — the tweets! — and not on the economic results of his presidency. Indeed, a number of polls have shown that a significant group of voters who are happy about the economy still plan to vote against Trump.

Democrats’ Plan to Destroy the Jobs Boom

Betsy McCaughey, The American Spectator

Democrats running for president are pitching plans that will destroy millions of jobs, doubling the number of people out of work. No matter how Democrats badmouth capitalism, the truth is wage hikes and job opportunities are moral victories. They enable people to become self-sufficient, raise a family, and aspire to more. Presidential contender Joe Biden is campaigning to “Make America Moral Again.” Are you listening, Joe? The Bureau of Labor Statistics says one-third of all future new jobs will be in healthcare. That’s unless Democrats win big in 2020 and push through Medicare for All. A jobs boom is a good thing. Don’t let Democrats destroy it.

Are Single-Family Homes Racist?

Americans who have grown up experiencing private home ownership as the route to personal prosperity must quickly learn of the threat of "sustainability" mandates warns Tom DeWeese, President of The American Policy Center. The ultimate government game is to reorganize our cities into massive urban areas where single-family neighborhoods are replaced by the Sustainable/Smart Growth model of wall-to-wall apartment buildings.