election polls

Most Young Likely Voters Prefer GOP-Run Congress

Dan Spencer, Red State

A new poll of 18- to 29- year-olds finds a majority, 51%, who say they'll “definitely vote” in the elections prefer a Repub.-run Congress. Only 47% favor a Dem.-controlled Congress. That’s a big shift from '10, when the same firm found 55% preferred Dem. control & 43% prefer Repub. control.

GOP Could Absolutely Fail to Win Senate

Guy Benson, Hot Air

Don't get cocky, GOP. Until the data starts to reflect the expected rightward cascade of undecided voters, Republicans rely on that expectation at their peril. 

Poll: GOP Leads in Midterms as OCare Dooms Dems

Melanie Batley, Newsmax

R's are in the lead in the most competitive House & Senate races, a reflection on Obama's low approval rating & frustration with Obamacare, a new poll has found. 41% said they would choose a Repub., 34% would choose a Dem, and about 25% were unsure.

Cuccinelli-McAuliffe Race VERY Close

Alex Pappas, Daily Caller

With less than a week to go before the VA gubernatorial race, a new poll indicates that Dem. Terry McAuliffe’s sizeable lead over Repub. Ken Cuccinelli is disappearing. McAuliffe leads by only 4%. It's too close to call.