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Liberal Vampires Attacking Conservative EPA Director Scott Pruitt

The Left has been relentlessly attacking EPA Director Scott Pruitt in a coordinated media assault because he’s delivering on President Trump’s promise to drain the swamp at the EPA, and breaking the rice bowls of some of the Swamp’s worst liberal vampires in the process.

Every policy that has failed Forgotten America is a policy supported by Hillary Clinton

In his remarks to the Economic Club of Detroit Donald Trump has it exactly right – the current economic disaster visited on America’s working families isn’t some natural disaster, it’s a political and politician-made disaster, and Hillary Clinton supported every bit of it.

Hillary vs. Trump on Energy

Stephen Moore, The American Spectator

Everyone is going with fossil fuels except the U.S. under Obama and Hillary. And we have more fossil fuels than all the rest The path to energy independence really is as simple as just getting the government out of the way. ‎Trump wants to do this; Hillary wants to double down on the green bubble.

Trump looks to tackle energy policy in major speech

Gabby Morrongiello, Washington Examiner

Unlike immigration, free trade or national security, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has said little during interviews and campaign rallies about the energy and environmental policies a Trump administration would uphold or oppose.

GOP Ready to Fight Lib Energy Policy

Zack Colman, Washington Examiner

House Repubs. will take shots at the Obama administration's energy policies this week when a handful of bills come to the floor for votes.

Even Jeb Fighting Crony Capitalism

Tal Kopan, Politico

Jeb Bush, speaking as the honoree at the annual Jack Kemp Leadership Award Dinner, laid out ways conservatives can advance the “American idea” that the dinner’s namesake advocated. Bush advocated free market principles, especially in energy policy, and repeal of OCare.

War on Coal Lights Fire Under R's

Fox News Staff

Coal country swing states are reminded that in the ‘war on coal,’ Dems aim to cut jobs.