energy production

Saving The Earth At The Point Of A Bayonet

The only way the Green New Deal could be accomplished would be through the forced relocation of millions of workers and their families in a massive societal restructuring akin to the forced collectivization of Russian agriculture after the Soviet Revolution of 1917 or Chairman Mao’s Great Leap Forward economic restructuring of Communist China.

Unleashing the energy sector

Monica Crowley, Washington Times

Under Mr. Trump, our dependence on foreign sources of energy is declining, but we remain reliant on foreign energy suppliers for 45 percent of our oil demand. Building critical oil infrastructure would continue to alleviate foreign energy dependence and reduce prices for consumers everywhere. For every penny gasoline prices increase, it costs consumers an additional $4 million per day and $1.4 billion per year. For the good of the consumer and the nation as a whole, Congress should mount a bipartisan effort to implement an energy agenda that will further bolster U.S. energy security, stimulate the economy and safely harness natural resources.

President Trump Keeping Promise To Coal Miners

"Since Trump has come back into office, I've gotten back in the mines. Trump has done more for coal in a week than Obama did in an 8-year term," said miner Chad Smith.

Apocalyptic Progressivism

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

These days, shortages of credit, water, oil, or adequate roads are no longer seen as age-old challenges to a tragic human existence. Instead of overcoming them with courage, ingenuity, technology, and scientific breakthroughs, they are seen as existential “teachable moments.” In other words, crises are not all bad — if they lead the public to more progressive government.

Energy to Loom Large in 2014?

James Hohmann, Politico

Obama’s dictatorial move to impose climate restrictions puts Dems on defensive in key states.