equal pay

US women’s soccer team equal-pay gripe is less than it seems

Rich Lowry, New York Post

It’s not to take anything away from the women’s achievement — they never trailed the entire tournament — to note that the equal-pay complaint is almost entirely bunk. It is true that the American women, who sweat and practice as much as their male compatriots — perhaps more, given their superior results — don’t make as much. But the women’s game isn’t as popular or profitable, which fundamentally drives pay. It’s hard to ­argue, though, with the simple ­approach the women say that they have proposed in the past — revenue-sharing based on how much money they bring in. There’s risk to this arrangement if the women underperform, but this group is nothing if not self-confident, and so far has always ­delivered.

Latest Exec. Orders To Keep Focus On War On Women Rhetoric

Dan Riehl, Breitbart

With Dems. needing to turn out their base in Nov. and women comprising a significant part of it, Obama's striving to keep the so-called War on Women meme alive with two new pay-based executive actions, the full details of which will be announced on Tues.