Presidential Horse Race 2016: Will Carly Fiorina play with the varsity in the next debate?

A new Iowa poll shows Trump and Carson tied. Plus, yes, Fiorina is in third place in Iowa… but will she be in the next debate?; Scott Walker’s losing where he theoretically should be gaining; Donald Trump ‘emasculates’ Jeb Bush while setting the GOP agenda, and, planning the coming “Trump Takedown."

Iowa pollster: We’ve seen everything with Trump

Mark Hensch, The Hill

Iowa pollster Ann Selzer said Trump is converting skeptics in the Hawkeye State in a way she has never previously encountered, with a nearly complete reversal of his favorable/unfavorable ratings in the span of a couple months.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is Jeb Bush’s campaign on the rocks?

A new Iowa poll shows Donald Trump and Ben Carson virtually tied. Plus, Ben Carson’s style versus content; Trump keeps the media focus on number one; Huckabee flips on birthright citizenship, and, Say it ain’t so – is Jeb Bush’s campaign in trouble?

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Donald Trump likes what you see

New poll not all good news for Trump. Plus, what Trump knows that you don’t; Ted Cruz – principled or merely a shrewd politician?; Rand Paul’s starting to sound more libertarian; Carly complained, CNN said no, and, Quinnipiac poll shows depth of Bush dynasty problem.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: “Nothing Disqualifies Trump”

Focus group of Trump supporters reveals why he's leading. Plus, the Trump/Fox News truce is over – now it’s war; Ben Carson takes on #BlackLivesMatter; Rand Paul: Real conservatives stand for private property, and, Jeb Bush wants free college, just like Obama!

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Ready for a Romney October surprise?

Is Mitt Romney about to join the 2016 field? Plus, Walker the weathervane swaying with the political winds; “President” Trump’s first 100 days; The New York Times tries to start a Trump/Cruz war, fails, and, don’t call Fiorina a member of the professional political class.

Thank You Rich Lowry

In his recent article “Yes, Pander To Trump On Immigration” National Review's editor Rich Lowry has gotten it mostly right on Donald Trump and the immigration issue and for that we thank him and join him in recognizing that, “Amid the barstool bombast about deporting all illegal immigrants already, here is the core of a program that is more sensible than the ‘comprehensive’ solution offered by the political establishment.”

Presidential Horse Race 2016: How low will Jeb Bush go to get the nomination?

Donald Trump’s lead appears to be growing according to another new poll. Plus, does Carly Fiorina have a point about CNN’s debate criteria?; is Ben Carson a tame version of Donald Trump?; Politico compares enforcing immigration laws to segregation; with all attention on Trump, Cruz rises, and, Jeb Bush and the Photoshop fail.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Force Karl Rove to choose between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

The lower-tier Republican candidates are furious at the RNC. Plus, More speculation on the size of Trump’s lead; Trump draws Romney’s people’s ire on immigration; Rick Perry fights on in Iowa; Santorum hits Cruz... on immigration? and, The Donald vs. Ted – what would the elites do?

Scott Walker’s Disappointing Weathervane Campaign

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
More than anything conservatives are looking for principled leadership on the issues. Far from "taking the gloves off," Scott Walker's reluctant attack on the amorphous "they" of the DC Republican establishment shows Gov. Walker to be more like a weathervane following the political winds, than a compass pointing true North on the foundational principles of the conservative agenda.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Are Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in cahoots?

Donald Trump continues to confound the Republican Party, with the establishment wondering whether to ignore him or fear him. Plus, are Ted Cruz and The Donald in cahoots?; Carly Fiorina’s challenge to stay in the game and Jeb Bush and John Kasich get an “F.”

What Does It Take To Be An Establishment Republican “Strategist”?

Any moron can open a Twitter account and start trashing those with whom they disagree, but that doesn’t make that person a political “strategist,” it merely makes them a Twitter troll, like establishment Republicans Cheri Jacobus and Rick Wilson.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Scott Walker takes on the GOP establishment

Another day, another poll showing Donald Trump solidly in the lead. Plus, Scott Walker takes off the kid gloves; Trump’s immigration plan blows up the GOP race; Ben Carson looks to take from Trump, and, Hillary is Jeb Bush’s biggest fan in the GOP race.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Donald Trump in control

A new Fox News poll shows the GOP “outsider” presidential candidates dominating the field. Plus, Ted Cruz as… Ricky Bobby?; Trump’s outside-the-box campaign; Trump’s immigration plan just might win him the election; Ben Carson’s an outsider, too and, RINOs look for alternatives to Jeb.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Democrat-lite equals loss in 2016

Donald Trump made a splash at the Iowa State Fair this weekend. Plus, Fiorina touts religious liberty; Ron Paul to the rescue; Ben Carson and ‘Black Lives Matter’; Jeb Bush ditches George W. on Social Security and Iraq and Cruz: Democrat-lite equals loss in 2016.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Ted’s southern campaign on Cruz control

The Iowa caucuses are almost six months away and already there’s speculation on which Republicans won’t make it there. Plus, Donald Trump, former Democrat, never at a loss for words; Fiorina and the Republican glass ceiling; Ted Cruz tours the south and Ben Carson: Planned Parenthood founded to control black population.

Why Is Dr. Ben Carson Being Shut Out?

Dr. Carson deserves better treatment than he is getting from the Republican political establishment because let’s face it – Ben Carson can learn about policy, but there’s nothing that can make Donald Trump and Jeb Bush more likeable.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is Trump coming back down to earth?

A recent Rasmussen poll shows Donald Trump losing one-third of his support, though he still leads. Meanwhile, Carly Fiorina warns GOP congressional leaders; what to make of Trump’s candidacy and finally, Republicans wobble but they don’t fall down.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Treat the Donald with care

Donald Trump makes peace with Fox, but still won’t apologize to Megyn Kelly; what candidates are in trouble this week; are we heading for a Goldwater situation?; Ben Carson, voice of reason, and, why there won’t be a third Bush presidency.