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Immigrant From Former Trump Travel Ban Country Shoots Up Tennessee Church

Vast numbers of Sudanese immigrants are on welfare and Sudan is so violent that the U.S. Embassy requires U.S. government personnel in Sudan to use armored vehicles for all travel, yet the country was inexplicably taken off the travel ban list.

No More Free Lunch

Since 2015 federal welfare spending has outpaced defense spending. President Trump’s workfare proposal demonstrates that he is busy doing what is important for Americans. Congress should join him.

The Poor Need Paths to Wealth, Not Vouchers to Affluent Zip Codes

Vouchers and zip codes don't pull people out of poverty, income does. Financial success requires attitude, skills, and opportunity. Today, HUD and the administration are in the position to work with Congress to provide all three.

Failed Catholic Church Leaders Are the Problem

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
The false narrative being spread to the Catholic faithful that capitalism is wrong is the fault of the leadership of the Catholic Church that has increasingly become a left-leaning ideological mouthpiece instead of fulfilling its role of providing spiritual guidance consistent with the Bible.

Illegal immigrants get $2 billion worth of food stamps denied to poor U.S. citizens

Paul Bedard, The Washington Examiner

Obama rules guiding who can get food stamps favor households with illegal immigrants over all-U.S. citizen homes, according to the detailed report from the Center for Immigration Studies released Monday.

65% of Children Live in Households on Fed. Aid

Terence P. Jeffrey, CNS News

How to be dependent on government is now one of the earliest life lessons America is teaching nearly a supermajority of children.

No-Sweat Food Stamps

Jillian Kay Melchior, National Review

After a legal battle with several advocacy groups, New Mexico’s Human Servs. Dept. announced that it'd restart the rulemaking process, delaying the reinstatement of the work requirement, originally slated for Nov. 1, by several months.

Are The “Takers” Taking Over America?

On everything from subsidies for Obamacare to food stamps to Social Security Disability, the bill keeps getting bigger, but the percentage of Americans willing and able to pay it keeps getting smaller.

States Use Loophole to Erase $8Bill. of Food Stamp Cuts

Wynton Hall, Breitbart

Just one month after passage of the farm bill designed to slim food stamp payments, governors in six states have found a way to to keep hundreds of millions of dollars flowing to food stamp recipients, a sum that could total more than $8 billion over the next decade.

Ted Cruz Blasts 'Food Stamp Bill'

Right Scoop Staff

Ted Cruz explains why he voted ‘no’ on the so-called ‘Farm Bill,’ which spends $352 billion more than the last Farm Bill: “This bill is not really a Farm Bill, it’s a Food Stamps bill...Instead of locking people into an endless cycle of dependence, we should be focused on making it easier for people to stand on their own feet

Nigerian Princes Running the House GOP

Next week you will probably receive an email pitch about their “immigration reform” plan from establishment Republican “leaders,” such as Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, Budget Chairman Paul Ryan or Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. It will be a scam. Click here to demand your Congressman sign our "No Amnesty Pledge" today

Part Two of the Real Obama Economy: Obama’s Food Stamp Economy

How can you square an increase in government dependence, a shrinking labor force and endemic long term unemployment with an economic “recovery?" You can't unless you look at it in political, not economic terms.

Farm Bill's Food Stamps Secures Votes for Dems

Ray Hartwell, American Spectator

The ongoing expansion of dependency on federal entitlements like SNAP (food stamps) not only makes its victims more likely to vote for politicians promising them more handouts, but also keeps them from looking for work and thereby counting as “unemployed” for purposes of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly employment reports.

Rush: Welfare Boom is Nat'l Crisis

Rush Limbaugh,

"What kind of perspective must you have to equate 444,000 new Medicaid recipients with success? This is 91.5 million human beings not working. There isn't work for them, and 48 million on food stamps." 

ObamaCare: Community Organizing the Train Wreck

While the national Republican establishment apparently assumes that the ObamaCare train wreck will simply hand votes to establishment Republican candidates, on the ground things are different. Conservatives have figured out that “it’s the primaries stupid” and there’s a real fight going on to make sure principled limited government constitutional conservatives come out on top.

DHS Prepping for 11/1 Riots?

Janeen Capizola, BizPac Review

DHS has ramped up security at federal buildings across the country to prepare for potential Greece-like riots this Friday. Cuts in food stamps go into effect on Nov. 1, and the gov't is truly concerned about violence from citizens “whose entitlements are threatened.”

GOP Fights for Food Stamps Work Req

Katrina Trinko, National Review Online

House R's are close to passing food-stamps legislation that would enact big cuts to the program and revive requirements that able-bodied adults also work if they receive food stamps.

AARP to Seniors: Get on Food Stamps

Caroline May, Daily Caller

PA chapter of the AARP is urging seniors to enroll in food stamps in a statewide campaign.

Will Farm Bill Sans Food Stamps Pass?

Eric Wasson, The Hill

The House will vote on the new but still bloated Farm Bill today. Boehner's feeling the heat.

House Leaders’ Glaring Farm Failure

Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan, Politico

Farm state Repubs are furious, but the leadership is now considering a more conservative bill.