Trump is right to hold WHO accountable

Editors, Washington Examiner

President Trump's effort to hold the World Health Organization accountable for its bungled handling of the coronavirus is well justified. What is happening to the world is a disaster not directly of any nation's making. Still, this disaster has been made far worse than it might have been by two political entities: the CCP and the WHO. The idea that American wealth should subidize the latter so it can continue to serve the former is absurd. Trump has put the WHO on notice. The WHO must now decide what it values more: the truth and global health or its continued shallow service of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Time is up, let's build the wall

Rep. Jody Hice, Washington Examiner

While no one wants a repeat of January's Schumer Shutdown over immigration, the leverage is in the president’s hands. Remember, the troops are funded, retirees will continue receiving their paychecks, and now the Trump administration has the ability to close the border, alter immigration and asylum services, and wait until enough Senate Democrats actually come to the table and provide him the money needed to build the wall. The time for half measures is gone. The time for anything other than doing what we said is over.

Planned Parenthood Can’t Escape Their Own Words

We urge you call your senators and representative, the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044, to demand they see the Planned Parenthood videos.  Then, please sign our letter to Congress demanding that the Republican leadership actually follow through and conduct an investigation of Planned Parenthood's human organ and tissue trafficking rather than engage in their usual “go nowhere” political posturing and tell them to stop funding for Planned Parenthood as soon as Congress returns in September.

Can Congress defund Planned Parenthood?

Rebecca Kaplan, CBS NEWS

Senate Republicans unveiled a bill Wednesday that aims to block any federal dollars from reaching Planned Parenthood. The legislation is a response to a series of undercover videos produced by anti-abortion activists who claim the organization is selling fetal tissue to researchers.