Another Depressing Chapter Of Atlas Shrugged Comes Alive

There is really only one answer to The Business Roundtable “leaders” who have announced that they are expropriating their shareholders’ assets in the pursuit, not of profit, but to address imaginary social justice goals: Shareholders should go on strike, take their money to Galt’s Gulch and refuse to invest in companies that spend their money on anything other than wealth creation.

The West Will Disappear

Cardinal Robert Sarah has issued another stark warning that our ability to maintain the Western culture in which mankind’s greatest material and spiritual accomplishments were achieved is rapidly eroding. Unless we bend the arc of our culture back toward its Judeo-Christian values and teachings the civilization of the West will disappear.

We Have an Identity Problem

Walter E. Williams, CNS News

Suppose a man is convicted and sentenced to a 10-year term at California State Prison, Corcoran. Should he be able to claim that he is a woman and be allowed to serve out his sentence at the California Institution for Women? With privileges being determined by race and sex, we need something like South Africa's apartheid-era Population Registration Act of 1950 to define in clear terms who belongs to what race and what sex and thereby prevent race and sex fraud.

Study: It’s Great To Let Boys Be Girls, But Don’t Let Girls Be Girls

Sara Gonzales, RedState

The Disney “princess culture” is harming your daughters, so says a new study recently published by Brigham Young University professor Sarah Coyne. “Disney Princesses: Not Brave Enough” explains that preschool girls engaging with Disney Princess culture were left more susceptible to “potentially damaging stereotypes.” But it was great if boys did it.

Hillary Still Working Gender Card, But From a Different Angle

Kimberley Ross, RedState

Hillary the Unaccomplished is still playing the gender card. At this point, that’s all she has left in the campaign. She’s been in the public eye for years, but name recognition is not the same as being qualified for the job of president.

NFL won't move 2017 Super Bowl from Houston

Joshua Axelrod, Washington Examiner

The NFL has announced that it will not move the 2017 Super Bowl from Houston, Texas, even after the city's vote to repeal an anti-discrimination law sparked outrage from LGBT activists and calls to move the big game to another city.