government sanctioned discrimination against Christians

Christians Can No Longer Be Pharmacists

Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

The US Supreme Court today denied to hear a case involving pharmacists in Washington state who, for religious reasons, declined to dispense Plan B, the “morning-after pill,” which causes abortion. Effectively this means that Christian pharmacists who refuse to sell drugs that intend to exterminate life in the womb cannot work in the new society.

Interview With Franklin Graham: The Government 'Has Marginalized the Church'

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

The Breitbart News interview with Graham comes one day after he launched his 50 state “Decision America 2016″ tour on the steps of the State Capitol in Des Moines, Iowa. Graham’s goal is to encourage Christians to participate in the political process this election cycle by voting for candidates who support Biblical values and by considering their own run for office.

Religious Conservatives Embattled Over Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage

Christian Science Monitor, Harry Bruinius

As they seek to maintain the values of their religious commitments, opponents of same-sex marriage are claiming that they are facing discrimination, if not outright persecution.