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Is It Time to Welcome Edward Snowden Home?

Joseph Farah, WND

Joseph Farah calls for a 'ticker-tape parade' for the 'truly heroic whistleblower.' He believes Snowden performed an amazing public service. He opened the eyes of all Americans who didn’t understand what their gov't has been doing to them with surveillance by satellite, computer eavesdropping, & “wiretapping."

NSA Expert: Snowden Cache='Catastrophic'

Kate Tummarello, The Hill

Former NSA director Michael Hayden said he would not work with Snowden to keep the documents hidden.

RPaul:We Want Our Freedoms Back!

Ben Shapiro, Breitbart

Rand Paul argued that the surveillance state under Obama had grown beyond any reasonable proportions. “Your government responds that there is no expectation of privacy once you consign your records to a third party. Your government applies that the Fourth Amendment applies not at all to your bank records, your Visa bill, your internet searches or emails.

NSA Grabs Your Google, Yahoo Data

Byron Acohido, USA Today

An NSA data snooping program, MUSCULAR, was revealed to be copying all traffic flowing between Google and Yahoo. In the latest leak from Edward Snowden, NSA partnered with the British GCHQ, on MUSCULAR.

RPaul v. Feinstein on NSA Spy Limits

Steve Contorno, Washington Examiner

Feinstein's NSA spy program-limiting bill isn't enough. A bipartisan group led by Sens. Paul and Wyden want to further curb spying on lawful citizens with a bill that would prohibit the bulk collection of phone records.

NSA Shares US Data W/ Israel

Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Ewen MacAskill, The Guardian

NSA routinely shares raw intelligence data with Israel without first sifting it to remove information about US citizens, a top-secret document provided by Edward Snowden reveals.

NSA Subverted Online Privacy Tools

Brendan Sasso, The Hill

The NSA has successfully cracked many of the tools that people use to protect their online privacy, according to documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

New Snowden NSA Leaks

Ken Dilanian, Los Angeles Times

The disclosure of a top secret internal audit shows the NSA has overstepped its legal authority 2,776 times since 2011, involving unauthorized collection of data on Americans or eavesdropping.

The Neo Con Folly of “Preemption” Defies the Wisdom of Ronald Reagan

We can’t shoot our way to victory over radical Islam – this is a cultural war – and preemptive strikes and the creation of the all-pervasive surveillance state necessary to make them a success defy the wisdom and the success of the one proven model we have for winning a cultural war; Ronald Reagan’s victory over communism.

Christie v. Rand Old Party

W. James Antle III, American Conservative

“It’s the tax-and-spend liberal wing of the Republican Party,” said Paul. “They’re all for blowing stuff up, for getting involved in wars, but they’re not too concerned with fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets.”

Does It Matter Where Edward Snowden Obtained Asylum?

So far Snowden’s American supporters have largely remained silent on the issue of whether or not the location of his asylum matters. We’re interested in what you think. Please tell us in the comments below or by voting in today’s poll on our home page if you think it matters where Edward Snowden obtained asylum.

48 Alarming Facts That Tell Us America Has Become a Gigantic Prison: Facts 37 to 48

In the fourth and final part his series on the Obama surveillance state, writer Ben Hart details the final 11 of the 48 facts he has compiled to support his contention that America has become a gigantic prison. Hart describes the “soft tyranny” of the Obama security and surveillance state and how the Obama administration is colluding with some of the world’s largest corporations and using the power of the federal government's IRS and other agencies to develop most sophisticated mass-control tools ever devised — that become more sophisticated every day. Of course, a “soft tyranny” can quickly become a hard tyranny . . . and usually does.