Hillary documentary

Who Needs an Epic Rehash of Hillary's Victimhood?

Tim Graham, CNS News

This ("Hillary" documentary streaming on Hulu, a platform now owned and controlled by Disney) is Hillary Clinton's take ... for hours and hours. She dominates the entire spectacle. It's a 253-minute therapy session, and she still fails to come to grips with the fact that she narrowly lost in 2016. Anyone who recalls the positive Rodham Robot coverage of 1992 will just see yet another stale rerun. This spin is exactly the same Clinton campaign claptrap from 1992, with the same childhood and college pals, and the same gush about how brilliant and promising she always was. It's like a 28-year-old microwaved Hot Pocket. No one needs to consume that. It was a gummy, cheesy, oily mixture the first time.