illegal immigration

Does Christianity Demand Open Borders For America?

Social conservatives with roots in the evangelical community should take a hard look at the source of funding for the EIT, National Immigration Forum, Sojourners, and other advocates of cheap labor, open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens and ask themselves if this isn’t exactly the spiritual dilemma and answer proposed in Matthew 6:24.

You Have Until July 10 To Stop Amnesty For Illegal Aliens!

Speaker Boehner said Republicans will use next week's July 4 recess to take the temperature of their constituents, and the entire GOP conference will meet July 10 to discuss the next steps on immigration. That means between now and July 10, you MUST call your Congressman’s office (Capitol switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and tell them to OPPOSE bringing S. 744, the Obama – Rubio illegal immigrant amnesty bill, to the House floor. Tell them you want border security, not amnesty for illegal aliens.

Republican List Of Shame On Amnesty Vote – Plenty Of Time For Primary Challenges

As Governor Sarah Palin said, we need a heated debate and contested primaries where those Republican Senators who betrayed conservative principles on amnesty for illegal immigrants have to answer to their constituents regarding their flip-flop on such a fundamental issue.